Monday, August 20th, 2018

Baby Boomers 2 Easy Ways to Earn An Extra $100 to $500 Monthly


money 2 Baby Boomers 2 Easy Ways to Earn An Extra $100 to $500 MonthlyWith the economy the worst since the depression, people are coming up with ways to earn extra money to make ends meet on a monthly basis.

Doing some research I found these 2 ideas were the most creative, least time consuming and lucrative. I wanted to share them with you. With anything, it will take a little work upfront but can be rewarding financially.

Search for misspelled auction items and eBay typos. You will need to have an account with eBay. Join eBay here. Baby Boomers 2 Easy Ways to Earn An Extra $100 to $500 Monthly

Every day thousands of misspelled auction items on eBay fail to sell because they can’t be found using eBay’s built-in search tools. To find these so-called ‘fat finger’ eBay misspellings you need to use a specialised eBay typo search tool such as (tell me more).

“We get brand new books at work,” elizabethann wrote. “I take them and sell them to ( I have a box of books near my desk that they will pay me $22 for. They even pay the shipping and handling.”Bookseller from Liz Pullman of Money

Selling stuff on eBay or Craigslist is a moneymaker for many, but some specialize in reselling one thing: books. There are a number of sites that facilitate used-book sales, including, and Some folks haunt yard or library surplus sales, but poster “elizabethann” gets books for free at her job.

Want a little inspiration…Read what one baby boomer couple did creatively using eBay by clicking on this link—>

It is never as gloomy as it seems. There is always, always a way…My hope is the above 2 ideas will spur you into action or give you an idea for making a few extra bucks this month.

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