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Baby Boomers Affiliate Marketing-3 Keys to Success


rosalind gardner 150x187 Baby Boomers Affiliate Marketing 3 Keys to Success


These pearls of wisdom were shared by Rosalind Gardner, one of our favorite bloggers and author of the Super Affiliate Handbook. Click Here to Grab Your Copy.

Desire is the first key to success.

 But here’s where it gets a little tricky. If your desire is for money, as opposed to what money can buy, your work will be made much harder, if not impossible.

‘Huh? Why is that?’ you may wonder.

Money is a concept. In and of itself it does nothing for you, unless you are very fond of small rectangular pieces of colored paper.

If you focus instead on the good that money will bring to your life, such as free time and all the fun ways to spend it, then you’ll give positive direction to your efforts.

Think about it.. what can that money buy you? The kids’ education, a new car, a new house, a second honeymoon… how about a sailboat?

Dream a little – dream a LOT, but create some desire, and a REASON to work hard for what you want to achieve.

And that’s the second key to making money online – Work.

Too many people still hold onto the notion of ‘get rich quick’. I’ve got news for them – there’s no such thing. You can get rich a little quicker on the ‘net, but the truth is that nothing worth having comes without a price. You must invest some time and money.

Not much money, but some. Compared to starting any other business, the amount of financial investment required to start an affiliate marketing business on the Internet is negligible.

No matter how you slice it, you won’t find another opportunity anywhere that has the potential for this much reward for so little outlay. This IS one of the least expensive businesses you can start.

Last but not least – can you stick with it over the long haul?

Persistence is perhaps the MOST important quality shared by all entrepreneurs.

That’s why you hear about those who make a million, lose a million and then make another million. They go up, then down, then up again, but they never gave up.

You can’t let the ups and downs get to you. Not everything is will go your way all of the time. You’ll have to make some effort and it won’t always be easy.

But, if you keep your goals foremost in your mind, learn what you need to know and invest your resources wisely and with persistence, you virtually can’t help but succeed.

That’s how you REALLY make money online!

Thanks for sharing this with us Rosalind. Read more about Rosalind below.

What are other experts saying about Rosalind read below:

The following are excerpts from Michael Campbell’s review of the Super Affiliate Handbook. Click Here to Grab Your Copy

… when someone like Rosalind comes along, she makes all our lives a little easier, knowing if she can do it, so can you. She takes you by the hand and says, here’s how I made over 400K last year, selling other people’s stuff, and so can you.

My only regret is that this ebook did not exist, when I first started my affiliate marketing career, back in the fall of ’99. It would have made my life a whole lot easier, and I would have made a lot more money.

I more than like this ebook. I love the content and am going to do what it says to increase my income.

My advice to you, if you’re involved with affiliate programs, at any level, get this ebook. Even if you only get even one tenth of what I got out of it, it will boost your websites to levels unknown.

Not later, now. Start reading it right away, before you make one more move, you’ll be glad you did.

Michael Campbell
President & CEO Dynamic Media Corporation
Author of ‘Revenge of the Mininet’ and Goobert.


rosalind gardner 150x187 Baby Boomers Affiliate Marketing 3 Keys to SuccessRosalind Gardner is a Super Affiliate blogger, author, speaker, and Internet marketing consultant. Want more info? Click Here.



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