Friday, July 20th, 2018

The Professor of Harsh Reality


I read Perry Marshall’s blog posts immediately when I get the subscriber email. Why?? Because they are down to earth, well written and packed with business and life golden nuggets of wit and wisdom.

He shares below some of his favorite golden nuggets from Dan Kennedy….

My “professor of harsh reality,” Dan Kennedy, was a great teacher of marketing techniques when I was an up-and-coming Marketing Maniac.

Most people can learn most of the marketing techniques they really need to know in a few years. So why do I still hang out in Planet Dan, 12 years later?

Because Dan is also a great business *philosopher*.

Some Dan-isms that have deeply affected my own thinking about money, wealth and prosperity:

-All the wealth in the world is like the ocean. The ocean cares not whether you come and take a teaspoon of water, or a great big giant bucket.

-Everybody has some “department” in their personal life where they spend money irrationally. For some, it’s purses and handbags. For some it’s shoes. For some it’s their massive DVD collection. For some it’s fixing up cars or collecting renaissance paintings or body building.

Successful marketers tap into those irrational spending departments and cater to that extreme willingness to spend money.

-You receive through the same “orifice” that you give through.

(Dan likes picturesque language, doesn’t he?) It’s hard to receive wealth if you are a total anal tightwad about guarding your measly pile of coins.

-Giving and contributing (to charities, causes, and various good things in the world) has a math that no engineer can possibly explain. When you give, the universe has this funny way of paying you back – with interest.

-People who’ve experienced great failures (like bankruptcy) know how low low can be and while it may have been awful, it was not the end of the world.

They survived. They know that whatever happens, they’ll be OK.

Once you grasp this, it brings a certain fearlessness that becomes a tremendous asset as you build your businesses.

Right now Dan is offering 127 minutes of some of his best wisdom on business transformation, recorded at his seminar last December. If you want a high quality slice of Planet Dan, here is a great place to start: Planet Dan.

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