Thursday, September 20th, 2018

“Twitter for Dreams” Connects Boomers with their Friends and Family


dreams 207x300 “Twitter for Dreams” Connects Boomers with their Friends and Family
Guest Post by Kim Muhota of

Baby boomers are continuing to be a force to be reckoned with in the social networking arena. In fact, a recent study showed that about 50% of baby boomers maintained a social profile on the web in 2009 and the expectation is that in 2010, that number will grow significantly.

If you believe, as many do, that baby boomers have been identified as trend setters and innovators through the years, then is an opportunity to live up to that reputation. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, REMcloud was described as the “Twitter of Dreams”; a very apt description because members share their dreams with friends and loved ones every day; and REMcloud provides interesting global insights around who had similar dreams, as well as what those dreams could mean.

REMcloud originated from the notion that it is a primal human desire to share our dreams with others who we care about. REMcloud is leveraging that human instinct and converging it with a powerful social networking platform to create a unique user experience.

One of REMcloud’s users, Kelly Bulkeley, said that since he joined REMcloud he has “connected with many people online and found real meaning in my dream experiences; which is very fulfilling”. Kelly said that when he shares a dream on REMcloud, he immediately meets people from around the world who may have recently had a similar dream. He adds, “Its also very interesting to see what the world is dreaming about things I am interested in like news events, well known personalities, and even TV shows.”

REMcloud is excited about showing that dreams are not just individual experiences; but are also global experiences shared by many people. In the Wall Street Journal, CEO Kim Muhota said that, “it’s almost like tapping into the collective consciousness of the globe”.

When asked what inspired him to start the company, Kim Muhota said that sharing dreams with loved ones is a very natural human behavior. He also says that dreams are more important than people think and have reshaped history and created immense wealth many times in the recent past. Indeed, dreams are now on many people’s minds – the recent movie by Christopher Nolan, Inception, did exceptionally well in the box office (estimated gross: $820MM world-wide); and REMcloud’s Facebook fan page has grown to more than 1 Million fans in just a few months.

REMcloud believes that baby boomers are a great segment to focus on because they are becoming increasingly engaged around social networking. Baby boomers want to stay connected with each other and with loved ones by sharing deeper and more insightful content online; and REMcloud provides a safe service that allows them to do just that. Also, REMcloud has made privacy very simple to understand – giving the user complete control of what dreams they share and with whom. REMcloud does not sell any of its customer’s information to third parties.

Visit to learn more. It’s a fun and exciting way to stay connected with loved ones and friends, share and discover a very powerful dimension of who you are, and experience the world’s consciousness in real-time.


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