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10 Quotes Billionaire Baby Boomer Meg Whitman Former eBay CEO


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“eBay had two main things that really spoke to me. It enabled individuals to do things that they could not have done without the Web. The second thing was what Pierre (founder of eBay) said: “People have met their best friends on eBay. What this has enabled is truly online community.”

“We can’t impede progress in the name of environmental action that yields little for the environment and even less for our people.. and we should look at the environment as an economic opportunity.”

“When a small business grows like eBay did, it has a multiplier effect. It creates other small businesses that supply it with intellectual capital, goods and services.”

“We also need to reduce corporate tax rates. This applies to small, medium and large businesses. At 35 percent, we have the second highest corporate rates in the world. It restricts the growth of small enterprises that need to plow capital back into their businesses and forces companies and jobs to move overseas.”

“Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community.”

“When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable.”

~Meg Whitman

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And there are several clever mantras that Meg Whitman chants while she’s campaigning to be the next governor of California:

“Don’t try to boil the ocean” (taking too broad of an agenda to Sacramento),

“All roads lead to Florida” (a model of how to fix the education system),

“I am not ‘kumbaya’ about this” (she understands the difficulty of being governor)

and, finally, the kind of oversimplified sound bite that is especially maddening to her critics,
“You’ve got to find 20% of the reforms that will get you 80% of the way home.”

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Margaret Cushing “Meg” Whitman (born August 4, 1956, Long Island, New York) was President and Chief Executive Officer of eBay from March 1998 to March 2008. She is a Republican[1] candidate for Governor of California in the November 2010 election. Governor Meg? Former Ebay head running to be California’s next chief executive. Republican frontrunner raised $10 million in individual contributions along with $39 million from personal coffers.

Harvard Business Review named Whitman the 8th best performing CEO of the past decade and the Financial Times named her one of the 50 faces that shaped the decade.

Whitman joined the fledgling start-up eBay in March 1998, when it had 30 employees and revenues of approximately $4 million; she grew the company to approximately 15,000 employees and $8 billion in annual revenue by 2008.

Fortune Magazine repeatedly named her one of the top 5 most powerful women for her success at eBay. Ms. Whitman was inducted into the U.S. Business Hall of Fame in 2008.

Ranked #773 by Forbes Magazine The World’s Wealthiest People.

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