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3 Bits of Pre and Post Halloween Treat Advice


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Fast Fitness Update From Jon Benson

For those of you who participate in Halloween
each year you know the drill:

1. Buy a lot of candy for the neighbor’s kids.

2. Try to ensure your kids don’t over-do it and
go into a sugar rush that lasts a week.

3. Making sure everyone is SAFE (most important!)

And… then comes the day after.

And there’s a few packages of (insert your fav
candy here) left on the kitchen counter…

What to do… what to do

Here’s 3 suggestions:

1. Take 7 samples of one or various treats.
Store them in the refrigerator. One study
revealed that treats kept in the fridge (in the
butter bin, specifically) reduced over-eating
of the treat. Then, allow yourself 1 treat per
day for a week.

One treat per day will not do you in, but 7
in one day may damage your waistline for
weeks to come.

Your body can process small bits of sugar
at once, but not large amounts.

Better to enjoy 7 times in bites than 1 time
in gulps!

2. Take a bite or two then throw the rest in
the trash immediately. Make sure to take
the trash out after… : )

3. If there’s enough, take the treats to a
neighborhood care shelter. Those kids
could use a treat of both the loving and
tasty kind.

Keep safe this weekend, and be looking
out for my special announcement this
coming Monday at midnight….

It’s not scary… in fact it promises to be one
of the coolest things you’ve ever seen when
it comes to yearly fatloss…

… and it’s not dietary… or an exercise…

… yet it only takes 7 minutes a day to do.


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