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3 Things Michael Moore Did Right to Shed 30 Lbs of Body Fat


Fat Michael Moore 242x300 3 Things Michael Moore Did Right to Shed 30 Lbs of Body Fat

Michael Moore

Guest post by baby boomer fitness, health and weight loss expert Jon Benson.

Do you love Michael Moore? Do you
detest him? Do you even know who
he is?

Either way, one thing is for SURE…

Love him. Hate him. Have no idea who he is.
It does not matter — filmmaker Michael Moore
has a great lesson for you today.

Michael shed a ton of body fat recently.

Moore is the man behind such films as “Sicko”,
“Fahrenheit 9/11″, and “Bowling For Columbine.”
He generates more controversy than a dog at
a cat show.

But Moore may have a valid point. He claims
that the health care system in the United States
could be in trouble. Serious trouble.


Is he correct? His ideas and theories may or
may not be, but he is (pardon the pun) dead
on with this one conclusion:

> You had best get yourself healthy…pronto.

Moore took his own advice. Notorious for being
well over-fat (he was at one time close to 400
lbs), Moore started walking a half-hour per day
and eating better.

He started at 53 years old.

Michael to shed over 30 lbs-of body fat just by
doing three things:

– Walking half an hour or 10,000 steps per day
– Sleeping more
– Eating “heavy” high-fiber foods

Hey, that is a great start.

But If Michael decides to adopt three other
ideas that I cover in “Fit Over 40″

…he will see that 30 lbs turn into 100 or more.

What are these three ideas?

Resistance Training (in-home or gym)
Lower his carbs
– Core Leveraging

The first you probably know about. In case
you do not, resistance training is using either
your bodyweight or weights to increase your
lean muscle mass.

This burns more calories around the clock than
any form of exercise you can do.

The second tip you probably know about as
well. Lowering carbs is vital for ‘some’ people
and not a good idea for others.

You can find out which person ‘you’ are by
reading my book and practicing Role Modeling.
I cover this in detail –

Finally, there is Core Leveraging. That is a
term you have probably never hear before.
That is okay…I invented it. : )

This is actually a mental exercise that I teach
in Fit Over 40 that allows you to ‘reprogram’
your limiting beliefs and change them into
empowering, unstoppable motivation.

Put these six tools to work for you today and
you can watch your bodyfat melt off as well.

Meanwhile, consider the fact that after Moore
made his film on health care, he went on a
nutrition plan and started walking.


Because he realized that no one can take care
of YOU as well as you can.

Prevent illness before it happens. And, while
you are at it, live life to the fullest by becoming
lean, vibrant, and healthy — at any age.

Fit Over 40 can help you do just that.

jon benson2 3 Things Michael Moore Did Right to Shed 30 Lbs of Body Fat
Jon Benson Creator,

P.S. Michael Moore stated in an interview that
he “never exercised as a kid”, and that his
definition of exercise was “pushing the button
on the [television] remote.”

Does this sound familiar?

Unlike Michael, I was very athletic as a kid.
Running, biking, swimming…you name it.

Then I let life define my schedule and my
priorities for me.

In my thirties I became obese, sick, and a
walking time-bomb.

I tell my story here. See if you can relate –
Fit Over 40

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