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Alone In My House…


alone Alone In My House...
Senior Editor Boomer54 Mark Note: This is a guest post by Suzanne Haggerty. Photo Credit Vali

The other day I found myself alone in my house.


I don’t think I’ve been alone in over twenty one years.

There was quiet. There was silence. There was nothing but the soft sound of wind chimes singing outdoors.

I felt a moment of glee.


I felt a moment of despair.

“They’re gone!”

In fact, I also felt a little puzzled.

“What do I do now?”

I suppose I’m an “emptier nester” now that two of my three children have left for college. The nest isn’t completely empty yet, but considering the busy schedule of my youngest teen – it almost is.

I thought back to the many busy, hectic, days when I had dreamed of just one moment to myself. I remembered back to the “baby years” when an opportunity to take a shower, or use the bathroom with the door closed, was a triumph in my day. There were years and years of kid activities filling up my every waking moment.

I also reminisced about a house filled with laughter and noise. Chubby fingers clinged to me and baby giggles filled the house. Siblings argued, neighbor children seemed to be ringing the doorbell incessantly, and pancakes were made into shapes like dinosaurs.

“What is it I wanted to do? What is it I never had time for?” I questioned.

My cell phone rang then. It was a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year. She wanted to set up a time together. “I have time!” I thought, excitedly. We scheduled a date for the following week. I smiled to myself, realizing I am at the verge of something new. There will be time for my friends, there will be time for my interests and my activities.

I sat down and began The List.

The List went on and on and, in fact – I will probably add on to The List endlessly in the future.

Written on The List are books I’ve been meaning to read.

Written on The List are places I’ve been meaning to visit, or re-visit, for a long time. Friends I’ve had little, or no, time for are itemized one by one. There are exclamation points by some of their names … I am THAT excited to reconnect with them.

There are neglected hobbies recorded too. There’s also an inventory of topics I’m interested in, but have had no time to delve into learning more about.

“I’ll have time for my BRAIN!” I thought, smiling, as I looked at some of the more intellectual pursuits on The List.

“I’ll have time for my BODY!” I realized as I re-read some of the more athletic items on The List.

“I’ll have time to be CREATIVE again!” I mused as I eyed my neglected moleskin journals and camera gear.
A flood of ideas began rushing to my mind.

“Concerts! Classes! Photography! Travel! I can, I can, I can ….”

The other day I found myself.

Alone in my house ….

button%20copy Alone In My House...Suzanne Haggerty is independent by nature and describes herself as…I am a forty-something woman living in Orange County, California. I live right next door to a very affluent community which I refer to in my writing as “Money Town”. Money Town is the same community that the TV show “The Real Housewives of Orange County” originated from. Money Town provides a lot of humorous writing material for me. I am a 5th generation California native. The beach and the lifestyle of Southern California is in my blood. I enjoy sharing and making fun of the OC lifestyle with my readers. Suzanne blogs at Twenty Four at Heart.

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