Friday, September 21st, 2018

Baby Boomer Jonathan Carroll “When You Hear I Have Died”


jonathan carroll 4 224x300 Baby Boomer Jonathan Carroll When You Hear I Have Died“When you hear that I have died, and you will, remem­ber your best revenge is to live well, take risks, save up money and chase your per­fect hap­pi­ness. Beat the sys­tem and learn to make your art really sup­port you, craft into some­thing your audi­ence can’t live with­out. Then make the world an even slightly bet­ter place — stop throw­ing your cig­a­rettes on the ground, vote in the next elec­tion, graf­fiti your life on the eyes of the hungry.

Then just do me one last favor. Please. Love some­thing. Any­thing. Start with your­self, but find pas­sion in every­thing, from an apple pie to a novel, make a fam­ily, get a degree, walk what­ever path is yours with your chin up and feet planted firmly. Have the best sto­ries to tell in the old folk’s home, about life­long friend­ships and epic love affairs, about the time you lost every­thing and yet found your­self hap­pier than when you began.. and remem­ber that time we got in SO much trouble…”

~Jonathan Carroll

Excerpt from Jonathan Carroll Blog post 2-22-10.

Jonathan Carroll was born in New York City on January 26, an American author primarily known for novels, which can be characterized as magic realist, slipstream or modern fantasy. He also writes short stories.

Trivia:Jonathan would have been twelve years old when his father, Sidney Carroll, together with director Robert Rossen, adapted Walter Tevis’s novel The Hustler into avehicle for Paul Newman.

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