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Baby Boomers 20 Ways to Make Money Now On The Internet


Jim Cockrum Baby Boomers 20 Ways to Make Money Now On The Internet

My friend, Jim Cockrum, has written another book and I wanted to share the note he sent to me about his new book.

Boomer54 Mark

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Saturday, April 17, 2010
From the desk of:
Jim Cockrum

There is no end to the supposed opportunities that come your way once you start trying to make money online. It can be truly exhausting. I felt EXACTLY the same way back in 2002 and what I’m about to show you has changed my life as my income has gone up steadily every quarter since then. Let’s talk about YOU making money online starting NOW.

I can read your mind…
“Wouldn’t it be great if a TRUSTED, EXPERIENCED, REPUTABLE online expert would just reveal WHAT WORKS in such simple terms that even someone as (NEW/GREEN/BURNT OUT) as I am could understand it and put it to work quickly?”

When the student is ready the teacher appears! I’m ready to teach if you are ready to listen!

Here’s what I have to offer:

For over ten years now I’ve been earning a living on the Internet and for much of that time I’ve been teaching others to do the same thing…

And I’ve been taking notes on the BEST IDEAS I’ve found along the way.

Here is a partial list of some my best ideas:

Easily find pictures in old books and sell them online for big bucks. Have fun cutting up old books and magazines!

You could be selling OTHER PEOPLE’S Cars online (no car knowledge needed)

Selling Public Domain Information is HUGE. Classic literature, songs, poetry etc. can be sold by ANYONE for ANY PRICE if you know where to look and where to sell it!

Don’t go blind into Yard Sales & Estate Sales. Know what sells easily and make a killing each time you attend

Creating and Selling Information Products on the Internet is perhaps the highest profit business ever known to man and I’ll share how I’ve earned millions doing it.

Everyone has used cell phones they will give you or sell to you cheap. Make money selling used Cell Phones on eBay (Some sellers pull down $25 to $30,000 per month profit PART TIME)

…and this is just the start.

If you are ready to make money RIGHT NOW. The time is now. If you’re serious about making income online then this is the book for you.

Jim Cockrum

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