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Body Fat And Your Wallet — Are They Related?


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Guest post by Baby Boomer Fitness Expert Jon Benson.

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Is the size of your waistline actually related to the size of your pocketbook?

New evidence points to a connection between obesity and poverty…in the richest countries on earth.

The bigger your waistline, the smaller your wallet.

Sounds crazy, right?

Yep. But apparently it’s true.

Kate Pickett et. al. from the University of York in the United Kingdom produced a fascinating study on obesity and poverty in developed countries.

Important: these are not third-world nations we’re talking about. The poverty and nutrition connection is obvious in that situation.

Pickett’s et. al. study concluded this:

“Obesity, diabetes mortality, and calorie consumption were associated with income inequality in developed countries.”

In other words, the greater your bodyfat, the less you tend to have in the bank.

This was true for men and women. The study also demonstrated that more calories meant less money.

Why is this true?

One might reason that the calorie factor is the key. More calories means more money spent on food, therefore less money in the bank.

The problem with that theory is that the study looked at “income”, not bank accounts.

(I just used “in the bank” to get my point across. Creative liberties… ; )

So in theory a person could spend more money on food and make enough to offset it.

But this isn’t happening. The more people eat, the fatter they are getting, and the poorer they’re becoming.

Let’s focus on that second part: being poor.

We know the more we eat the more bodyfat we’ll gain. But why does “just” bodyfat make you earn less money?

The researchers’ theory:

“Increased nutritional problems may be a consequence of the psychosocial impact of living in a more hierarchical society.”

Blah blah blah. I don’t buy it.


“The more bodyfat you have the less energy you have. Less energy = less drive. Less drive = less money.”


“We live in a very superficial world. People want to do business with those who look and act vibrant and healthy.”


“Our DNA pushes us toward powerful, attractive people…like it or not.”

There you go. There’s my theory on why obese people statistically earn less than fit people.

This is not to say that an obese man or woman cannot be wealthy or successful.

Quite the contrary. I know many people who have more money than health.

But eventually they DIE. And that my friend is the real hidden statistic in all of this: mortality.

Obviously obesity and mortality are well-documented and connected. Bodyfat will shorten your life.

This shortens the time you ‘can’ earn a nice paycheck, not to mention the fact that a lot of your money may be going to medical bills.

Also, success requires energy.

Name a truly successful person who has virtually no energy. Now name me an obese or even over-weight person with boundless energy.

I’m sure there are exceptions, but I can personally vouch for the fact that when I was obese my energy was in the toilet.

If you have not read my story of going from obese to a fit and vibrant guy at the age of 40, go here –

This is more than my autobiography. Frankly, that would make for a rather boring book unless you’re my mom.

This is the story of 52 people (and me) who all found their own “fountain of youth”. It’s located in the gym, at home, at the dinner table, and in the mindset of ageless living.

Even if you don’t earn an extra dime, being fit is the most valuable gift you can give yourself.

Your body is the vehicle in which your heart and soul reside. Treat it with all the respect you would a Ferrari.

It’s worth infinitely more.

And now you have one more reason to make fitness a lifestyle you love – statistically you’ll tend to earn a better living.

jon benson2 Body Fat And Your Wallet    Are They Related?
Jon Benson Creator,

P.S. I believe there’s one more reason why people who are obese earn less than people who are not:


I did a study in college that compared the time it took for a person 50lbs or more over-weight to walk 20-30 yards with groceries at the grocery store.

This was compared to a fit person doing the same task.

We’re talking going to the grocery store here, not running a marathon. This is just day-to-day life.

The fit people averaged 1/3 less time. The time difference was about two minutes greater for the over-weight man or woman to complete the task.

Just two measly minutes.

Big deal, right?

Given the fact the average person shops twice a week at the grocery
store, and our subjects were all 40 or under, check this –

In 30 years, this adds up to about eight days.

Do you want to toss eight days of life out the window? If you say “big
deal”, I bet you change your tune when you have eight minutes left.

At that point you’d give a king’s ransom for eight days.

I know I would.

Now, consider this: our little study only looked a going to the store.

What about the post office? The daily errands? Housecleaning?
The time and energy it takes to manage your life?

I will guarantee you that 50lbs will COST YOU 50 MONTHS in time

We’re not talking quality here –just quantity.

The quality cannot even be measured. The quality of life when you’re fit is miles above that when you’re not.

If you’re ready, let me help –
If my book doesn’t help you, then email me and I’ll send your pay-ment right back.

Fit Over 40 has made a massive difference in the lives of thousands and thousands in over 100 countries.

I’d like to add your name to the list.


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