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Boomer Men – The Sexual Signs of Midlife Crisis (Guest Post)


Boomer Men – The Sexual Signs of Midlife Crisis by Joanna Cake

Around about the age of 40, things started to change for the male baby boomer.

Not only will that spare tire around his abdomen seem to have become a fixture, but he will become aware of a gradual lessening of libido.

Whilst the woman in his life will be fighting her own battle against the hormonal effects of the Menopause, problems with prostate inflammation can start to manifest themselves from around the age of 50.

The gland can become enlarged through infection (prostatitis) or cell overgrowth (benign prostatic hyperplasia – BPH) and this swelling causes pressure on the urethra, which is the tube that takes urine and semen through the penis, causing both functions to become constricted.

As a result, varying degrees of incontinence and penile dysfunction can become evident, so it is vital to ensure that the prostate remains healthy through regular stimulation with kegel and pelvic floor exercises or one of the many prostate massagers on the market.

One of the best exercises is to ensure that, once urination is finished, the pelvic floor muscles are squeezed hard to ensure that all the urine has been expelled from the urethra. This will prevent post-micturition drip which is that annoying dribble of urine that exits the urethra just after a man has readjusted his clothing and is preparing to leave the bathroom. It will also help to strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscle which is responsible for ejaculation and assist in controlling that facet of sexual performance.

For some men, achieving erection can also be a major problem and here, too, regular kegel and pelvic floor exercises can be helpful. Regaining and maintaining control of both the bulbocavernosus and pubococcygeus muscles are the key to promoting better performance and endurance. Being able to ‘waggle’ whilst inside a partner can be the difference between hitting and missing her G spot, which is the point that activates her orgasm.

If you experience any problems with incontinence or erectile dysfunction, it is wise to visit your healthcare professional so that he can rule out anything more sinister.

It should be remembered that the test for prostate cancer measures the amount of prostate specific antigen in a man’s blood. However, having a result that shows a high level of this protein does not automatically equate to prostate cancer as the antigen can also be an indicator of BPH. Other tests should be carried out and any symptoms properly assessed before surgery is considered.

Regular exercise is also vital to the general sexual health of both sexes as obesity can put great pressure on the sling of muscles that form the pelvic floor and hold all the organs in place. If the tension is allowed to slacken off, organs can push through and prolapse into the cavities below them causing a variety of problems, including urinary and fecal incontinence.

Walking, tai chi, Pilates or yoga are relaxing hobbies that are still energetic enough to help burn off those calories and help to keep the maturing baby boomer in good shape, both physically and mentally, to continue to enjoy good sex through into old age.

Boomer Joanna Cake Boomer Men – The Sexual Signs of Midlife Crisis (Guest Post)Joanna Cake is a life blogger of a certain age who writes about health, parenting, relationships, sex and intimacy at Having My Cake and Eating It Too

For more information on prostate cancer testing and other male personal health problems.

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