Friday, September 21st, 2018

Boomers 8 Benefits of a Positive Attitude


Baby Boomer Deborah Hayes Boomers 8 Benefits of a Positive AttitudeDeborah Hayes shares at the LifeTwo Blog 8 Benefits that occur as a result of a positive attitude. Obviously, that is why I created this blog, I have always believed in postive thinking and maintaining a positive attitude in life.

Having the right attitude just makes you a lot more fun to be around, case in point, how long do you want to carry on a conversation or be around a person with a negative attitude?

She believes that a positive attitude really is the difference between succes and failure.

Deborah also shares…”The truth is blessings, luck and fate has nothing to do with it. The secret to acquiring and maintaining a positive attitude is intent and the good news is anyone can master this if they choose to.”

Below are my favorite 4 of the 8 benefits and a link at the bottom to view the entire list of benefits plus the 3 steps to get started on the path to a positive attitude today.

1. You will have higher self esteem with a strong belief in yourself and what you are capable of resulting in less fear of new challenges.

3. Because you are positive you are likely to be more motivated to achieve your goals.

5. Positive people are good motivators and consequently good leaders.

8. Positive people generally have more energy and creativity.

Click Here—>Attitude Adjustment – The Secret Difference Between Success and Failure

Always positive,

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