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Doctor Visits Will Look and Feel Different to Boomers (Guest Post)


Doctor Visits Will Look and Feel Different to Boomers (Guest Post by Brian Bujdos)
Fifteen years from now, the way that healthcare is provided will be completely different. Whether or not you’ve heard of telemedicine, it’s something to look at closely and continue paying attention to. Through the use of cost-effective telecommunications technology, telemedicine improves patient care by providing doctors with easier access to patients and their data.
 Doctor Visits Will Look and Feel Different to Boomers (Guest Post)
Online Consultations
One example of telemedicine is the ability for a patient to immediately consult with a doctor online through video. Many U.S. companies are now providing this service, the leader of which is American Well. In Hawaii, Minnesota and New York, Blue Cross Blue Shield is allowing its employees/members to experience online video (as well as phone and chat) teleconsultations with doctors and specialists. Other models include ConsultaDr, 1800MD, KoolDocs, and many others.

Of course, many conditions cannot be treated online or over the phone, and the doctor’s office will never become completely obsolete. Annual physicals, for example, must be done in person. However, many conditions can be treated through telemedicine – when the doctor might be across town or across the globe. In many cases, the doctor, at their sole discretion, may decide to provide a prescription through telemedicine.

Many older physicians, and dare I say Baby Boomers, cringe at the idea of online consultations, but the cost and time savings, and the overall effectiveness of telemedicine, cannot be dismissed. This is why there are so many emerging online models such as those above. More and more states (12 in total now) are requiring that certain types of telemedicine be reimbursed by insurance companies. Once the reimbursement issue becomes less of a barrier, telemedicine will spread like wildfire.

Remote Kiosk Consultations
Another vehicle through which telemedicine can be delivered is a remote kiosk. These kiosks can be placed in any number of locations including retail, corporate and medical environments. Some kiosks allow the patient to step inside and close a door behind them, providing a completely private and confidential consultation with a physician. Other kiosks are more open and provide a privacy filter so that health information can be viewed only by the patient themselves.

A consultation in a HIPAA-compliant kiosk works similarly to an online consultation in terms of the live video feed, but kiosks can accommodate numerous devices that allow the physician to obtain important health information about the patient. Any company or health organization can build their own custom kiosk solution to incorporate any of the following devices:

• Blood Pressure Cuff                                          • Body Mass Index Calculator

• TV Monitor/Camera                                           • Weight Scale

• High-Power Magnification Camera               • SpO2-Pulse Oximeter

• Phone VOIP                                                        • Spirometer

Health kiosks also allow a patient to provide payment, and to receive a printed receipt and prescription, if the doctor gives one. In many cases, the health information that is obtained by a doctor either online or in a kiosk can be saved and incorporated into the patient’s personal health record for future reference.

The convenient access provided by kiosks can eliminate long waits at the doctor’s office. The kiosks also empower patients to manage their general health without being constrained by traditional healthcare system flaws. Like online consultations, kiosks can allow patients to follow-up with their doctors, and ask additional questions in a more efficient manner. Kiosks allow for a quicker diagnosis, and a quicker recovery time.

The Wave of the Future
Each Baby Boomer, and every member of the general public for that matter, can make their own choice as to how warmly they embrace telemedicine. Although it is a given that some patients will prefer an in-person visit with a doctor whenever possible, it is also a foregone conclusion that telemedicine will continue to play a more prominent role in the delivery of healthcare as every month passes.

One reassuring fact about telemedicine is that it provides patients with another option when it comes to receiving healthcare. It is an option that is cost-effective, accurate and almost always more timely than traditional healthcare delivery methods. With telemedicine, patients need not wait days to consult with a doctor in the overburdened healthcare system we have become accustomed to.

About the Author
Brian Bujdos is a professional writer for Phoenix Kiosk, Inc., a Secure Medical company.  Learn more about Phoenix Kiosk, their product line, and the benefits that custom kiosks can provide any company.

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