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How To Change Your Body At Any Age With Resistance Training Nutrition


Baby Boomer 60 Year Old Woman Lifting Weights Reistance Training3 183x300 How To Change Your Body At Any Age With Resistance Training Nutrition

Baby Boomer 60 Year Old Woman Reistance Training

Guest Post by Baby Boomer Talk Online Fitness Expert Jon Benson

How 61-year-olds burn bodyfat and control glucose…without cardio.

This really falls under the heading of
“Well, I told you so!”

Sorry…I have to gloat just a bit.

Here’s the short story if you’re in a hurry today –

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition released a study performed by Iglay et. al. that confirmed what
we’ve been saying for years:

You can change your body at any age.

And you can reverse the damage of high blood sugar and insulin without the use of drugs.

How? Resistance training and nutrition.

Not cardio.

Although, to be fair, there is a definite place for cardio. More on that in a moment.

Here’s more about the Iglay study…

The average age of this 36-member study group was 61.

Not 16…61.

The average muscle mass gained was 4 pounds. The average bodyfat burned was also 4 pounds. All in just 12 weeks.

At the same time folks.

So much for the “you cannot gain muscle and burn body fat at the same time” nonsense.

As I told you a while back, I do this all the time — gain muscle, burn bodyfat. It’s all in the nutrition and some clever training principles.

Read about them here –

Back to the study…

This was not a complete lifestyle overhaul. Rather, this group made some very modest lifestyle changes.

Carbs were kept at about 50%. Had they decreased the carbs a bit more,
I bet the results would have been even more dramatic.

Protein was in two groups: low and high. “High” was considered 25%.

Again, had this been increased, the results would have been amazing. If you’re in good health,
higher protein intakes can make a radical body composition difference.

I like 40-55%…but that’s me.

Most people can get by on less. But under 25% is not smart for weightsand/or resistance training.

No cardio was performed. Only weights. Resistance training done the way I describe in Fit Over 40 – < ----- more

Rather than training "half-way", these folks trained at 85% a few days per week. They pushed their last sets to fatigue.

In other words, they worked hard. Go figure...hard work and smart food. Will wonders ever cease? : )

Combined with an avg. 2,000 calorie per day dietary plan, this simple routine worked its magic.

It should be noted that the high protein group gained more muscle than the low protein group.

That should tell you something.

But both groups burned bodyfat and gained muscle at the same time.

Again, without cardio.

Had they applied the principles I discuss -- like fasting cardio, Core Value Linking, and more -- 12 lbs
would have been realized.

Or so I bet.


Because I see these results every day. A pound-per-week is not uncommonfor bodyfat burning.

And, when you burn it like this, you can keep it off unilke crash "diets" which will always let you down.

That's not all the Iglay study revealed. It also revealed that weight training and a moderate-carb diet worked
wonders for glucose management.

As we age, no matter what our life-style is like, we become more and more resistant to insulin.

Sugars from carbs become harder for the body to process. The result is often Type 2 diabetes.

This is a reversible condition, folks. It's not a death sentence.

And the secret is sound nutrition plus resistance training.

End of story.

You don't have to completely change your lifestyle, but you have to modify it a bit.

Listen: the change is so worth it.

Imagine having two to four times the energy you have now.

Imagine how your body will respond once you burn off that excess bodyfat and build some lean, curvy muscle.

This is not a "young man's dream" --this is possible for anyone at any age.

These studies will continue to reveal what we already know: you can slow the process of aging down, and even reverse many of them.

You can turn back the biological clock and look 10-20 years younger -- not with surgery, but with nutrition and resistance training.

And you can reverse and prevent Type 2 diabetes. This is quickly becoming one of our leading killers. Diabetes contributes to both heart disease and cancer.

And you can do something about it. Without question.

See 52 people who have --

Jon Benson…Creator, Co-Author, “Fit Over 40″
jon benson1 How To Change Your Body At Any Age With Resistance Training Nutrition
Did you know that fitness pro Jon Benson used to be “obese”? No kidding… now he’s on magazine covers. It goes to show you what you can do if you set your mind to it. Well, Jon sent me this email today (I have permission to share it with you) — it’s about the old saying, “Fat-n-Happy”… and a study that will blow you away. Very important to check this out… enjoy!

Click here to watch the 5-min video and see what you think…


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