Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Inspirational Video Kate Smith Singing God Bless America


laurie rizan Inspirational Video Kate Smith Singing God Bless America

Laurie Rizan

My Friend, Baby Boomer Laurie Rizan and Roswell, New Mexcio High School Classmate of Class 1972 sent this inspirational video clip to me.

Here’s the story: In early 1940, Kate Smith, a fiercely patriotic American and the biggest star on radio was deeply worried about the country. She asked Irving Berlin if he could write her a song that would re-ignite the Spirit of American patriotism and faith. He had one he’d written in 1917, but never used, so he gave it to her.

She sat at the piano, played it and realized how good it was. She called Mr. Berlin and told him that she couldn’t take this from him for nothing. So, they agreed that any money made from the song would be donated to the Boy Scouts of America. Thanks to Kate Smith and Irving Berlin, the Scouts have received millions of dollars in royalties. Kate Smith Inspirational Video Kate Smith Singing God Bless America

This clip is from the movie “You’re in the Army Now.” You’ll see a familiar face in this–someone America is very proud of! Frank Sinatra said that when Kate Smith, whom he considered the greatest singer of his time, first sang this song on the radio, “a million guys got ‘dust’ in their eyes and had the wipe the tears away.”

Sit back and enjoy a real Star. With what is happening in our country right now, bet you’ll get some goose flesh and teary eyes as well!!!

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