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Movie~1967~To Sir With Love~Sidney Poitier


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I had recently found a vhs tape of the movie and watched it again . It brought back a flood of memories as I remember watching the movie on tv in 1967 with my Mom and brother in Roswell, New Mexico, where we were living at the time. My Dad was in the Air Force and was stationed for a year in Thailand at Karot Air Force Base.

The memories are still so vivid in my mind that year. I was close to my Dad, since I could remember we had played thrown a ball around everyday, whether it was football, basketball or baseball. I missed my Dad so much that year.

Of course, everytime I hear the iconic song, “To Sir, With Love” by Lulu (she is now 62), all the memories come racing back to me. We, boomers, will always have a place in our memories and hearts for this song and movie.

This movie and song will forever be embeded in not only in my mind but all boomers. The song has become iconic for the sixties and for boomers who grew up in the sixties.

This is the scene with Lulu singing the hit song of the same name.

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 Movie~1967~To Sir With Love~Sidney Poitier

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2 Responses to “Movie~1967~To Sir With Love~Sidney Poitier”
  1. A great movie. Sidney Poitier was so talented, he was the among the first black actors to hit the Hollywood mainstream. And Lulu! I haven’t thought about her in ages. But what caught my attention was your casual reference to Roswell, New Mexico. It was some years before your 1967 date, but we all know about the alleged alien invasion that happened there. Your Dad was in the military. Mark, what do you know and when did you know it?? Or not.


  2. Hey Terry,

    Sidney Poitier was in so many great movies, “Lillies of the Field”, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” come to mind. Roswell has become so infamous for the alien incident, when I lived there, there just was not much attention paid to it. It wasn’t until the 90′s that people latched on to the story.


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