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Myth or Magic: “Burn Body Fat While You Snore?”


Burn Body Fat While Snoring Myth or Magic: Burn Body Fat While You Snore? photo stas kulesh

Guest post by Baby Boomer Talk Online weight loss and fitness expert Jon Benson.

This is a longer article than usual. Read it if
you want to find out how you literally can
burn bodyfat while you snore…

…even if you do not snore at night!

A recent study presents us with some great
news when it comes to burning bodyfat.

This is rather eye-opening for the “cardio
bunny” crowd — those folks who swear by
endless hours of spin classes or elliptical
workouts to burn bodyfat.

Ready for the conclusion?

> : : Weight training is far superior for burning
> : : body fat and elevating metabolic rate
> : : post-exercise than any other exercise.

If ever you wanted to start training with weights,
or if you have been doing endless cardio with
no results, this article is for you.

Note: I cover exactly how to make weight
training simple and time-efficient in
Fit Over 40.

Read more here –

The Study

A body mass study conducted by The Human
Performance Laboratory at The University of
Wisconsin demonstrated that weight training
of a specific variety and rep scheme elevated
metabolic rates (measured though VO2 max)
for thirty-nine hours.

That means you would be burning more bodyfat
even when you are sound asleep. Pretty cool
isn’t it?

In comparison, the average forty-minute cardio
session elevates the metabolism for only a few
hours post-exercise.

That is thirty-nine full hours of being able to
consume more food without gaining bodyfat,
all things being equal.

For the record, no other form of exercise comes
close to doing that in as short a period of time
as targeted weight and/or resistance training.

This degree of post-exercise calorie burn is
close to the levels seen in marathoners.

This is nothing new to avid weight-trainers,
but it may be news to a lot of you. This is
especially enlightening if you have a fear
becoming muscle-bound if you venture into
the weight-room area of your gym.

The Specifics

The study focused on repetitions and exercises.
Certain protocols delivered the greatest results
when it came to post-exercise calorie burn.

True elevation of metabolic rate did not occur if
weights were too heavy, involving exercises that
were done for less than six repetitions.

Even more illuminating is the fact that metabolic
elevation was not significant if the weights were
too light. This was defined as any exercise that
took over twelve repetitions to complete.

The thirty-nine hour elevation in metabolic
response was caused by a workout which
stimulated the larger muscles. This involved
compound weight-training movements such
as squats, rows, bench presses, and curls.

The ideal way to do this is not with machines,
Pilates, or baby dumbbells, but with free
weights. Exercises should be targeted in the
eight to twelve repetition range for maximum
fat-burning metabolic effect.

Similar studies revealed a twelve-hour increase
in metabolic rate using a program of about eight
exercises, four sets each, and using eight to
twelve reps taken to momentary completion.

This is hardly a marathon workout!

The nutrient calculation for post-workout recovery
was determined to be significant, especially in
comparison with more moderate forms of exercise.

This means more food is required to repair the
body, and the metabolism once again is elevated.

The body mass study did not address the metabolic
spike with proper post-workout nutrition, however
frequent feedings that are sufficient in protein and
moderate in carbs have clearly demonstrated a
significant metabolic increase.

The Application

Heavy weights for lower repetitions is not an ideal
strategy for post-exercise caloric burn. This would
factor into the reasons why powerlifters develop
strength but very little definition.

The “lighter weights, higher repetition” strategy,
and its failure to produce results, is probably more
important to most of us who want to use weights to
sculpt our physique.

Lighter weights for higher reps is not an effective
strategy for fatburning. Yet this is the protocol that
many trainers use for individuals wanting to
quote-unquote “tone” their muscles.

This is also the preferred strategy for many female
weight trainees who have been told that heavier
weights would build too much muscle.

The post-exercise caloric burn is what really pays
the dividends when it comes to fatburning.

Exercise by itself burns only a marginal amount of
calories during the session itself. When used in
conjunction with a smart mealplan, this can be a
very powerful fatburning tool.

However, bear in mind that even an intense
workout, one that may burn five hundred calories
or more, can be offset by a single modest-calorie

The Conclusion

The bottom line is weight training rules when it
comes to sculpting the body and earning the
greatest post-exercise dividends.

Like a good investment, a brief but targeted weight
training routine conducted just two or three times
per week can produce rewards that are both
short-term and exponentially powerful.

When combined with a fat-burning nutrition plan
and stress-reducing exercise (such as yoga,
walking, or Pilates), the rewards are greater still.

jon benson2 Myth or Magic: Burn Body Fat While You Snore?
Jon Benson Creator,


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