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Question – Is When You Eat As Important As What You Eat? Reducing Body Fat


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Guest post by Baby Boomer Talk Online weight loss and fitness expert Jon Benson.

Question – is when you eat as important as what you eat?

Would you believe “more”?

They say, “Timing is everything.”

When it comes to eating food that will make
you leaner and stronger, this old saying is
the key to the new-you.

So many people (perhaps you?) are caught
up in “what” they are eating. Pizza is ‘bad’.
Oatmeal is ‘good’.

Well…yes and no.

I’m going to reveal one of my biggest secrets
to getting and staying lean in this newsletter.
You’ll need to access my book for the whole
story, however –
Fit Over 40

That secret is this: there are no forbidden
foods…only forbidden times to eat them.

Granted, there are “rules” to any good
nutrition program. No one is silly enough
to believe they can eat popcorn and candy
as their primary foodstuff and be healthy.

We’re beyond that, right?

Would you believe that the majority of the
calories ingested in the United States is
liquid soda?

So, maybe we’re not beyond that. But I
am going to assume YOU are beyond it.

You are ready for the Lean Lifestyle found
in “Fit Over 40″.

I know that because you’re reading this
newsletter. Just do more than read it.
Apply this lifestyle secret, starting today.

>>> Tip One: Carbs In The Morning

Here’s what I’ve discovered: I can eat
more carbs in the morning. That isn’t
exactly breaking news…but some of you
may not know about it.

Take a serving of carbs about the size
of the palm of your hand. Mix that with
protein of equal size.

If you want a superior meal, toss in a
handful of veggies.

Presto: the ideal breakfast.

If you were to eat this same meal later
in the day, you may find yourself more
sluggish. I know my body fat doesn’t
want to budge if I eat carbs at night.

But I ‘do’ eat at night. It’s a myth that you
should not eat at night at all. Here is
where “what” is more important than
“when”…but that’s another newsletter.

Or, just read my book –

Fit Over 40

>>> Tip Two: Carbs After Workouts

The best time to consume starchy carbs
is within 45 minutes of a weight or
resistance workout.

Cardio workouts are good too if you have
your intensity high enough. But when it
comes to carbs post-workout, weight
training RULES.

You’ll find that carbs tend to be used
more as fuel and a recovery aid when
you eat them post-workout. That means
they’re less likely to cause blood sugar
problems or fat-storage.

>>> Tip Three: More Veggies As The Clock Ticks

If you want to really lean out, increase your
vegetable intake and decrease your starch
intake every meal past 3:00pm.

More veggies, less starch. Cut the starch
out at the last meal…or if you’re like me, the
last two meals.

The timing of eating veggies in the evening
is ideal to help your body detox and restore
alkalinity while you snooze away at night.

This can make for greater fat-burning.

>>> Tip Four: When To Eat Junk-Food

You can use junk-food as fuel as well. I do
not recommend this but in one or two meals
during the week, but unless you’re trying to
hit single-digit body fat it can actually help
you get leaner.

Deplete all your carbs except for 50 grams of
veggies for 1-2 days. Eat plenty of lean protein
and healthy fats. Work out hard at least one
of these two days.

Then on the third day have a free meal before
3:00pm. Eat whatever you want…just be SURE
to drink a lot of water, and to consume a
salad with the meal.

The salad is important!

So, a salad and a burger, or pizza, or whatever.

It will be okay. You should enjoy your meals,
and these foods are a part of the spectrum of
tasty foods.

They should just be the smallest part of the
spectrum. The rest should be tasty and healthy
foods like I cover in Fit Over 40 –

If you really want to make your junk-food meal
almost “good for you”, consume it 45 minutes
after a heavy weight workout.

The carbs and sugars will be used for repair
and glycogen restoration, and the calories are
less damaging given the fact you just trained
with weights.

If you’re going to eat these foods, this is the
best time to do it.

It’s also a little reward once or twice a week
(no more) for eating clean and working hard.

Living like this, I maintain 10% bodyfat or less
year-round. Occasionally I’ll have three “off-meals”
in a week if I’m really low-carbing it and hitting
the weights really hard.

When I’m working for lower body fat, I’ll cut this
back to only one off-meal per week, if that.

This is hardly a sacrifice, as my daily menu is
full of tasty, healthy food. Plus I have my lean
waistline — and trust me, I would NOT if I ate
junk-food meals every day.

If you’re ready to have your cake and eat it
too, learn the “when” of eating as well as the

Your waistline will thank you.

jon benson2 Question   Is When You Eat As Important As What You Eat? Reducing Body Fat
Jon Benson Creator,

P.S. Here’s a funny personal story.

I really enjoy burgers. Hey, I’m human.
Plus I grew up in Texas. We Texans tend
to love moo-meat. (That’s red meat.)

The best burger I’ve ever had was after
a really hard leg workout and after 3 days on
low carbs. My body soaked that burger up like
a sponge.

I was even hungry in a few hours. It was like
I never ate “junk-food” at all.

The best part was I woke up leaner! This is
because my metabolism needed a shot in the
arm. The burger gave it to me.

You don’t have to use burgers, but you need
to use this principle of Calorie Timing to get
lean and more muscular.

Read more about it in my book –

It’s the best way to eat for life.


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