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Regifting 101 In 3 Easy Steps


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Regifting a term that my parents never used and I don’t think they would have ever thought to even consider doing it. But here is another trend that baby boomers invented.

In a USA Today poll the top 3 reasons for regifting were:

1. Didn’t want the item (48%). (Great idea! duh!)

2. Wanted to save money (23%). (No kidding)

3. Didn’t have time to by a gift (14%). (Or just needed a gift of any kind)

In fact, there is now a National Regifting Day, the Thursday before Christmas. This has become so popular and pervasive that it is listed in Wikipedia. (See Below How Wikipedia Describes it.)

National Regifting Day is an annual observance held each year on the Thursday before Christmas. Many office holiday parties are held on this day, and research shows that 40 percent of office party gifts are regifted—that is, something given to someone and then re-given to another person without use.

On October 24, 2008, the state of Colorado declared December 18, 2008, “National Regifting Day,” in an official proclamation issued by the state’s governor, Bill Ritter, Jr.. Money Management International made and to give people a fun way to learn more about regifting dos and don’ts, and to start the conversation on a topic many people are reluctant to discuss—holiday spending and financial worries.

Okay, if you have read this far you are really considering regifting…So below are the 3 easy steps and a fun video to get you in the mood!

Regifting in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Is the gift regiftable? Never regift handmade or one-of-a-kind items. Signed books and monogrammed items are off-limits. Do you have to be told not to regift free promotional items? Some gifts that are good candidates for regifting include good (unopened! duh!) bottles of wine, new household items and inexpensive jewelry.

2. How is the condition?
Only new, unopened gifts in good condition should be considered for regifting. Never give partially used gift cards. Don’t give items that you have owned for a long time. A general rule of thumb: if you have to dust it off, it is not regiftable.

3. Do you have good intentions? Don’t just give a gift to give a gift. Be sure that the recipient will appreciate the item. Remember, if you feel that an item is undesirable, the recipient probably will too. If you are regifting simply because you ran out of time, gift cards are simple to obtain and always well received.


How does it look? When it comes to gift-giving, go for show! While gift bags in good condition can be reused, wrapping paper is a one-time thing. Always spring for a new card or gift tag.

Have you considered your options? An unwanted gift could be a welcome donation to a charitable organization. It is also an option to suck it up and keep an unwanted gift—after all, it was a gift.


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