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Stay Trim Over The Holidays~Slim Your Waist With This 1 Nutrient


christmas food Stay Trim Over The Holidays~Slim Your Waist With This 1 Nutrient
Guest post by Baby Boomer Talk Online weight loss and fitness expert Jon Benson.

Ah, the power of protein.

Despite the various myths surrounding protein,
many of which I’ll dispose of today, carbs and
fats still rule the roost when it comes to nonsense.

And I’ll be exploring the article today in MSNBC
about protein; a nice read for the most part.

Still, there were some major flaws..

For example:

“Eat healthy carbs like brown rice and yams.”

Sure, that’s a step in the right direction, but for
many folk it’s a step toward obesity.

I enjoy brown rice… on occasion. And I enjoy
it on my “Feed Day” meals, along with some
dessert or perhaps some pizza.

Not at the same time… the point is that
my Feed Meals ROCK. : )

Learn More About Feed Meals <--- See More

You simply cannot find an essential carbohydrate.
It doesn't exist. There are essential amino acids
(proteins) and essential fatty acids (fat)... yet no
essential carbs. Why?

Simple: Your body can make all the glucose
(sugar) it needs by itself!

I bet you didn’t know that. : )

Your body cannot make essential fatty acids
or essential amino acids. You must eat these
foods or you will eventually become sick.

You can live with ANY starch for the rest of
your life and do just fine. Fortunately for your
taste buds, you don’t have to. That is… if you
use my Feed Meal strategy.

Back to protein:

From the MSNBC article today:

“A Johns Hopkins University study found that
a diet in which roughly a quarter of the calories
(about 60 percent more than the recommended
10 to 15 percent) come from lean protein sources
reduced blood pressure, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
levels, and triglycerides better than a traditional
higher-carb diet.

“Other research finds that diets rich in protein
can help prevent obesity, osteoporosis,
and diabetes…”

Think that’s good? It is… but here’s one better:

Cycling your diet to include 50% protein has
been shown to radically increase fatburning
due to the thermogenic (calorie-burning)
nature of protein foods.

I do this for 4 weeks, then back my protein
down to 30% or so. Remember, I lift weights,
so that protein is going toward muscle repair.

What about carbs?

Get this:

During those four weeks I eat about 20-30
grams per day of carbs… total! And I am a
225-pound athlete.

The exception: My Feed Days. Then I eat
a LOT of carbs.

I get this question a lot:

“How do you even FUNCTION on such
low carbs? Doesn’t your brain need
carbs to even work?”

Yes, it does… but my body makes ample
glucose (sugar) from PROTEIN… and that
process, called gluconeogenesis, requires
about 10-12 calories per 80 calories of
protein to pull off.

That means if I eat 400 calories of protein
my body only “sees” 300, give or take.

Talk about a nice way to drop bodyfat!

On with the article from MSNBC:

“The moment it leaves your fork, protein starts
winnowing your waistline. High-protein foods
take more work to digest, metabolize, and use,
which means you burn more calories processing
them. They also take longer to leave your stomach,
so you feel full sooner and for a longer amount
of time.

“The cumulative effect has obvious benefits for
anyone who is watching her weight.”

Did you notice the author said HER weight?

Does protein not work for men?

Hardly… protein works for anyone.

But the article was focused on LADIES. Why?

Because, get this:

“… up to a third of women between the ages of
20 and 40 don’t get their RDA of protein, according
to the most recent data from the U.S. Department
of Agriculture.”


So if you are 55, you’re safe… right?


The USDA has standards for protein that are
(a) very low; and (b) assume people over 40

This is NOT the case. These standards have
not been updated for over 30 years. Women
and men are now far more active into their
40s and 50s and beyond.

So, if you are active, chances are you are not
getting enough protein.

In Summary:

1. You need about a gram of protein per pound
of lean body weight to make protein work for
you and help you shed body fat;

2. You need to lower your intake of starches
and even most fruits to melt bodyfat faster;

3. Get your starches, fruits, and even “junk
food” in during “Feed Meals”… meals that are
purposefully higher in calories to keep your
fatburning metabolism high and healthy;

4. When it comes to dieting, protein RULES.
Great sources include grass-fed beef, eggs,
hormone-free chicken, non-farm fish, game
meats, and whey.

Here’s my simple plan for getting all of this
accomplished WITHOUT THINKING about it…

And if you’re busy like I am, you need a plan
that is pretty much idiot-proof… : )

Lifestyle-Friendly Dietplan<--- best for fatloss

Enjoy your holidays!

jon benson2 Stay Trim Over The Holidays~Slim Your Waist With This 1 Nutrient
Jon Benson Creator, FitOver40.com

P.S. Listen, I’m not asking you to give up
eating rice, yams, desserts…

I eat them. In fact I would RATHER eat a nice
dessert than a yam. Hey, I’m human!

What I’m asking you do to is look into my method
for using these foods to BURNOFF-MORE-FAT.

Why not enjoy your favorite foods over the holidays
and NOT pack on the pounds?

Favorite Foods Dietplan <— Stay trim over the holidays

P.P.S. I’m heading to Maui for the holidays and,
as my pictures will prove, I plan to get LEANER…
even while on vacation and celebrating the holidays…

And eating delicious Maui food. : )

How? I follow my own plan, that’s how. It’s fun
and it keeps me healthy and full of energy too.

Check it out…

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