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Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Share Their 4 Secrets To A Happy Marriage


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Tom Hanks Smooching Rita Wilson on the Red Carpet

What makes a happy marriage?

I was reading, Success Magazine, which has become one of my favorite magazines, and their was an article about the longevity of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s marriage and what their secret was to a long lasting relationship and tips for a happy marriage.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been married for 22 years whether you are in Hollywood are not, being a baby boomer that is a feat in of itself.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson share their four secrets to growing more in love and the recipe for a happy marriage:

1. By not letting it fail. Working at the relationship daily.

2. Have a great time together. Have fun. Share laughter.

3. Shared values.

4. A desire to be committed to each other.

Hanks and Wilson haven’t been shy about expressing the intensity of that commitment, either.

When Hanks accepted the AFI Life Achievement Award, he said, ” I have been blessed beyond deserving. Since 1988, I have been happy in the warm embrace of a big, fat Greek family. I’m here because of my wife, Rita Wilson. She is the motivation of my best work. I wish everyone could share their life with as good a friend, a passionate lover, as close a partner, and as beautiful a woman as I have been able to with the mate of my soul, Rita Wilson.”

The couple’s lasting relationship and marriage demonstrates the power of love, laughter, and commitment!

Bonus: Respondents to a survey share “How to Enjoy a Lifelong, Happy Marriage”

Laugh Often

52% of respondents to a Reader’s Digest survey on marriage ranked spending time together talking, laughing and having fun essential to a good marriage. (Sex was ranked as most important by only 9 percent of respondents.)

Live Well (within Your Means)

22% more men are now getting rid of their expensive car leases this year, according to a survey by Financial trouble is a leading cause of marital stress and divorce, living within your means limits the money issues in your marriage. (Boomer54 note: my wife and I got rid of 1 of our cars almost a year ago. Saving over $750 monthly.)

Love Much

How do you keep that lovin’ feeeling? In “The Marriage Devotional: 365 Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Love” Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Share Their 4 Secrets To A Happy Marriage Meera Lester offers 365 tips for lasting love. Tip No.323. “Give selflessly to your spouse without thought of what you’re going to get back.” Love your mate unconditionally. Stick to your promises and uphold your marriage commitment.

Boomers: 50 Secrets To Blissful Relationships – Book Review

Let’s face it, there are thousands of marriage counselors and millions of relationship self-help books. So what makes 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships by Michael Webb any different? Click here to find out.

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