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Top 3 Gifts An Aging Parent Can Give Their Baby Boomer Children


Top 3 Gifts 300x225 Top 3 Gifts An Aging Parent Can Give Their Baby Boomer ChildrenOne of my Power 3s, click here read my related blog post Top 3 Gifts A Boomer Can Give Their Aging Parent

You can read the entire Top 10 List @ CaraVita Home Care Blog.

1. A Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Finances: I know this is very practical but very necessary. Boomers do you want a non-family member? In other words, a doctor, lawyer or judge, making these decisions for your parents. Another step the executor of the estate, usually one of the children, should consider is to be a co-signer on the checking account and other financial accounts. This enables access to handle any financial situation arising and easily pay the expenses.

2. A written personal and family history with names, dates, and places: Leave your legacy, this family history is something to passed down from generation to generation. Boomers have your parents write their story, you and your children will cherish this after your parents are gone.

3. An accurate genealogy and labeled family photos: Nothing is more frustrating than seeing pictures and not knowing who the people are. Please don’t skip this one.

Two More Gift Ideas:

Expressions of your love and pride in your kids: Need I say more?

A distribution of small personal items to children and grandchildren: Boomers your parents know whom they want these items distributed to. Make a list and incorporate this list with their will.

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