Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Top 3 Quotes “How To Impact Someone” by Wayne Elsey


wayne elsey Top 3 Quotes How To Impact Someone by Wayne ElseyDo Something…One person…One Idea… 10 Million Pairs of Shoes and Counting

“Each person has the ability to make an impact on someone’s life. There’s nothing that’s too small to make a difference. You can go down the street, within a mile of your house, and find someone who is hurting. There’s a natural disaster happening in people’s lives every day.”

“Give people a little grace and love. You’re not the only one dealing with stuff. Everybody has stuff.”

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“You can do it–you can make a difference. Get off the couch, find something you’re passionate about, and do something. It doesn’t have to take a lot of money; you just have to be a person with the heart to make a difference in people’s lives.”

~Wayne Elsey

Wayne Elsey has worked in the footwear industry since he was 15. And has become President and CEOs of several footwear companies in the United States. Still, Wayne felt his life’s potential was not being fully realized. He wanted to help people with more than providing a great product.

In 2005 Wayne launched which has morphed into Wayne quit his CEO position in 2007 to run

Elsey goal: Shoes for 300 million children across the world who could really use them.

A brief look at the 5 year history of the International shoe charity, Soles4Souls and the impact it is having around the globe in it’s mission to “Change The World One Pair At A Time”

Fox 17 News featured a story about the Soles4Souls mission trip to Haiti and the devastation, hopelessness, and tragedy that the people of Haiti are facing on a daily basis as they struggle to survive months after the deadly earthquake that struck the island nation in January 2010. What the Soles4Souls team witnessed is heartbreaking…the people of Haiti need hope…especially with the beginning of what is being predicted to be a violent hurricane season…

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