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Top 3 Tips to Fighting Holiday Weight Gain


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The Christmas Holiday season has arrived, bringing with it excitement, gatherings with family and friends, parties and good cheer. Along with the festivities are special dishes and treats made only during this special time. Mouthwatering turkey and gravy, sweet potato and pumpkin pies, cookies, cakes and other goodies are sure to entice even the most health-conscious to eat entirely too much of these delicious foods.

The average person gains ten pounds over the holidays, but the problem with any holiday weight gain is that people who take on extra pounds during this time rarely lose them. This is not good news for some boomers, as added weight can negatively affect ongoing health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The pressure of additional weight can also aggravate joint problems.

For these reasons alone, healthy eating year-round is very important for us boomers as we continue to age. However, during the holidays, maintaining a healthy diet is especially hard for many.

The following are a three tips, baby boomers can use to avoid those extra pounds, but still enjoy their favorite treats throughout the season.

1. Eat breakfasts filled with protein and fiber, which provide essential nutrients that satisfy hunger for a longer period of time. Drink plenty of water during the day. Water contains no calories and causes the stomach to feel full. This helps avoid the tendency to sit down at the holiday dinner table and overindulge or snack on unhealthy goodies between meals.

2. A good rule-of-thumb for the holiday meal plate is to have nearly three-quarters of it filled with colorful vegetables or fruits. Avoid calorie-filled gravy, sauces and cheeses, or take very small portions of these dishes. The remainder of the plate should contain meat. Lean meats and seafood, if available, is a healthy alternative to other fatty meat choices.

3. Exercising is an essential element in burning off calories. If able, you should take a walk around the block. Daily physical activity also helps ward off holiday blues and maintain energy levels needed to make it through the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

2 Additional Tips:

Pick out your favorite dishes and forgo eating other treats so you can eat more of the foods you like best. For instance, if you know you are attending a party in the evening, select a bowl of whole grain cereal with fruit for breakfast, paving the way for a more favored dish later.

Eating well at any age is vitally important, but as we boomers grow older, good nutrition is an even more important element in maintaining overall good health. Try not to let the holiday feasts get the best of you this Christmas Holiday season. It is possible to make healthy choices throughout the holidays but still enjoy traditional treats…without the worry of excessive weight gain this holiday season!

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