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Christie Brinkley Before/After Pics of Face Lift

Guest post by Baby Boomer Talk Online weight loss and fitness expert Jon Benson.

You have heard it all your life.

“It’s not the outside that counts.”

True…and false.

Everyone reading this blog post desires to be more attractive.

Let’s just admit it, okay?

The struggle many of us face is dealing with the
vanity of it all. This stems from our upbringing
and perhaps phrases like…

“Beauty is only skin deep.”

And you are probably a lot like me: concerned
with being a good person as well as being an
attractive person.

Sometimes we feel guilty about the latter. We
think that because we are trying to become more
physically attractive we are not as deep as those
who focus only on “inner beauty.”

Utter nonsense.

Look, I will be the first to admit that someone
only focused on outward beauty is probably a
shallow and foolish person.

But I could say the same for someone focused
only on their inner beauty.

Allow me to plead the case:

“They are shallow in the sense they are missing
out on a huge aspect of the human experience.”

“They are foolish because, in all likelihood, they
are killing themselves slowly with poor nutrition
and a lack of exercise.”

>>> Do you call that deep?

I do not.

You all know about FitOver40.com, and how the
Role Models in my book all look super –


But what you may not realize is that these Role
Models are also super people — inside and out.

I was careful when I made my selection of folks
to profile in my book.

Very careful.

We have a politician focused on making a big
difference in the lives of people. We have nine
men and women involved in ministry. We have
dozens of caring moms, dads and grandparents.
We have guys and gals doing tons for charity.

Deep, good, and yes…attractive people. You
can and should be both.

According to science, these attractive people
are also pretty smart.

Here’s why…

>>> The Evolution of Desire

David Buss wrote an interesting book called
“The Evolution of Desire.” In it, he covers the
science behind why we find one another either
attractive or unattractive sexually.

His conclusions are backed up by several articles
published in “Ethology and Sociobiology”.

Their findings are hardly surprising. Here is just
a sample of the science behind attraction…

Both Sexes Look For Youth

While men tend to look for youthful characteristics
in the opposite sex, women look for youthful
physical and character traits.

Both sexes are more attracted to a small waist
to hip ratio and proportionate body mass.

Both sexes — not just men.

That means low bodyfat and toned muscles. That
does not mean “bodybuilder” or “marathoner.”

Women view these physical characteristics as
more of a sign of character. The ability to provide
and to protect. It is centuries-old programming.

Men are simply more visual, although some of
that visual deals with procreation which, again,
is eons-old DNA programming.

Either way, our desire to mate is genetically
driven and maintained through physical

>>> Women Love Shoulders

After the narrow waistline, women voted “broad
shoulders” as the second most desirable quality
in the male physique.

That is pretty cool for guys as shoulders are
easy to build when you do it right.

My shoulder routine is simple:

: : Dumbbell Presses (palms in) for size;
: : Dumbbell Laterals or Cable Laterals for width

A few others here and there…like Arnold Presses.
Rear Lateral Raises.

The good thing is it takes only a few minutes
once a week to do my shoulder workout. Only
a few sets each for most men. That is all you
require to build nice shoulders.

Sometimes I do more if I want to really get the
shoulders to grow. But that is overkill for most
of you folks.

Cool, eh? Just doing a few sets once a week
allowed me to built some broad shoulders. It
can for you, too.

But without that narrow waistline you will not
look as attractive to the opposite sex.

You will just look bulky.

The entire routine is important for developing
your body as a whole and take advantage
of the small waist/wide shoulder look.

Read more here –

So, while the ladies may love a nice smile, a
nice pair of shoulders goes a long way too.

Remember: these are sociobiological findings.
In other words, the qualities that drive us at the
genetic level to define what we call attractive.

>>> Men and Women: Leanness = Youth

A woman does not have to be “skinny” in order
to be considered youthful. However, on average,
a trim female sparks the same biological reaction
in men as a chronologically young female.

It turns out that youth is just as much a factor of
body fat and muscle tone as it is facial features
and even wrinkles.

Same for the ladies. The all-important “waist to
hip” measurement seems to trigger more than
just our primal desires.

It affects our hormones…yep.

We get all worked up over the sight of a trim
waistline and hips.

Both men and women.


So, after all of this, is it any wonder we all desire
to “burn body fat” or “get toned”?

The reasons may not be vain at all. They may in
fact be driven by our most primal genetic desires.

So, the next time someone accuses you of being
vain or shallow because you want to improve
your body, you can tell them this:

“I follow the science of attraction.”

After they look at you funny, you can show them
this newsletter. ; )

Besides, since when is laziness and sloth valued
as qualities of depth and substance? Since when
is “chunky” considered more spiritual than lean?

It’s kind of silly when you look at it that way.

If you want to see what others ages 40-80 have
done, go here –


When you combine the fitness lifestyle with a
deep and genuine spirit, you really are living
life to the fullest.

And the deepest.

jon benson2 Vanity...Vanity...
Jon Benson Creator, FitOver40.com


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