Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Video~Boomer Midtrepreneur Mike Faber~Sales and Leadership


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I just read an article about Mike Faber on the new site for boomers Life Goes Strong about Mike’s success story about jumping into entrepreneurship. I have included in this post his story and a short uplifting and motivating video from Mike.

Mike Faber, 49, left the corporate world at 44 to start a new — and much more rewarding — phase in his life.

Mike shares, “I discovered my entrepreneurial genes after my forty-fourth birthday,” Faber says. He’d spent most of his career working for large financial services companies, after an early stint as a TV sportscaster. “I struggled with what I would do next.” He worked with a career counselor who convinced him that he could use his sales and communication skills in other ways. “So, on the eve of one of the worst economies in memory, I decided to start my own business as a coach.”

He quickly wrote two books, and kept a pad and pen by his bed to jot down ideas for inventions like a revolving bookcase or lotion applicator.

His latest venture is The 52 Greatest Business Development Questions Ever, a card deck that businesspeople can use to generate conversations with prospects and clients — the result of another middle-of-the-night inspiration. He took up the challenge of developing it as an iPhone app, as well.

Want to be an midtrepreneur, Mike has this tip…play to your strengths — and your passion. Says Faber, “As you get older and feel those first pangs of mortality, you realize you only get one shot to pursue those passions.”

Sales and Leadership: The Open Mind Policy

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