Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Video~The Karate Kid~”Wax On…Wax Off”


With the new “The Karate Kid” hitting the movie theaters this weekend…One of the cable stations, as I was channel surfing last night, had a “Karate Kid” movie marathon. So I watched parts of the original and the sequel. I had forgetten what a huge movie this was back in 1984 and how young or old guys idenitified with Daniel’s character.

The “feel good” movie of 1984 teaches that there is a lot more to martial arts fighting than just fighting. Daniel, the karate kid, must learn self discipline and self control over himself before he can hope to master his fighting skills.

This movie really did reach out to the audience and encourage you to root for the poor underdog. The audience grows with Daniel as he learns patience and self discipline, and then reaps the rewards for his hard work. These are classic values that underlie much of our society, and they come through loud and clear throughout this picture.

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 Video~The Karate Kid~Wax On...Wax Off

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