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25 Tips On How To Have A Stress Free Holiday Season


Holiday Stress Tips 300x199 25 Tips On How To Have A Stress Free Holiday Season

Tips from Success Magazine and Publisher Darren Hardy.

1. Remember to pause & be grateful for all that you have. Tis the reason for the season afterall! Merry Christmas!

2. Practice using your sense of humor. Keep things in perspective & stop taking yourself (& the hype) too seriously.

3. Don’t let the holidays become a sweet-tooth free-for-all
, adding to your stress & GUILT! Moderation is key.

4. ASK for help! Delegate some of the decorating & baking to others who actually enjoy the task.

5. Write it all down for NEXT year! This task will help you organize TODAY & avoid the same stress again.

6. Don’t worry about everything all at once. Take each gift purchase, holiday event, ect. as they come.

7. Ask yourself, in 20yrs, will it matter? Lasting memories are made up of moments, not gifts & decorations.

8. Set limitations. Do only the things that are very special & important to you & your immediate family.

9. Invite family to come to your house for holiday events if travel is too overwhelming.

10. Keep those endorphins flowing & make an effort to stay physically active to combat holiday fatigue.

11. Don’t try to be a superhero! Prioritize your goals this season to avoid overextending yourself.

12. Stick to your budget. When you’re done, you’re DONE!

13. Don’t forget about YOU!
Make time for yourself each day just for a few minutes to breathe and slow down.

14. Stop & realize that the point of the season
& all you are doing is to show your love to family & friends.

15. Be FLEXIBLE! Many of our greatest holiday traditions are born out of the unexpected.

16. Focus on what you want to FEEL during the holidays & engage in activities to foster those feelings.

17. Don’t neglect your highest priorities because of the holidays. Keep them on TOP of your to-do list!

18. Don’t let time pressure overwhelm you. Time enjoyed, no matter how short, is a victory for everyone.

19. Think about gifts of the heart rather than expensive ones. These are often more appreciated anyway.

20. Be cautious of sensitive topics at holiday functions. You know what the issues are, so simply avoid them!

21. Don’t put anything off until the last moment to avoid feeling rushed. Planning helps you feel more in control.

22. Don’t fight the malls to find a “perfect gift,”
give close family/friends the most meaningful one: your TIME.

23. Remember to do something fun! Go ice skating, enjoy a sleigh ride, bake cookies or drive & look at the lights.

24. Be realistic! Don’t try to beat an extravagant holiday standard from the movies or your own hazy memories.

25. It’s okay to say no. Anyone who truly matters won’t love you any less if you can’t make it to their party.

darren hardy 300x298 25 Tips On How To Have A Stress Free Holiday SeasonDarren Hardy is the visionary force behind SUCCESS magazine as its Publisher and Editorial Director. As a leader in the personal development industry, Darren is a product and embodiment of the principles he teaches. Darren was an entrepreneur earning a six-figure income by age 18 and by age 27 was a self-made millionaire.

Having led two personal development TV channels, TPN (The People’s Network) and TSTN (The Success Training Network) and now as publisher of SUCCESS magazine, Darren has interviewed and profiled many of today’s greatest achievers, including Richard Branson, Donald Trump, General Colin Powell, Lance Armstrong, John Wooden, Tony Hawk, George Foreman, Arnold Palmer, Maria Shriver, Dr. Mehmet Oz and many more.

As the ambassador of SUCCESS and a messenger of hope and opportunity, Darren regularly appears on national radio and TV including CNBC’s The Big Idea, MSNBC’s Your Business, CBS 11 in New York City, ABC’s – America This Morning show, FOX Business Morning Show and many others.

Through SUCCESS, and his blog Darren’s influence reaches millions of people each month.

Darren’s best-selling book, Design Your Best Year Ever, is based on 20+ years of refined study, practice, and execution that outlines the specific 7.5 point plan Darren has used to design, execute, stick to, and achieve wildly ambitious goals in life.


Visionary leadership, strategic advisory, business modeling, sales and marketing planning and execution, mergers and acquisitions, business development and joint venture partnerships, negotiation, corporate culture development and leadership, private equity and angel investing,

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