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3 Best Tips On How To Save Money On Gas For This Summer


high gas prices picture 3 Best Tips On How To Save Money On Gas For This Summer
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Discover How To Save Money On Gas This Summer

Why are gas prices so high? You can thank Moammar Gaddafi. He’s the one who helped set off a rise in global oil prices months ago — faced with a rebellion against his years of dictatorship, he launched armed attacks that disrupted oil fields and tanker ports on the Mediterranean.

With the summer here, more trips with the kids and grandkids to the pool, camps or on extended car trips, here are the best tips I could on how to save gas and on how to save money on gas this summer season. If you want to read all 9 then check out AARP’s article.

1. Lose weight. Not you — the car. Bob Toth, director of new products and innovation for Goodyear, suggests emptying the trunk of excess junk or removing a luggage or bicycle rack that usually goes unused. “You can save 1 to 2 percent of your fuel by getting rid of an extra 100 pounds,” Toth says.

2. Do all your errands in one trip. You’ll save if you group them together rather than doing one in the morning and another in the evening. It takes a lot of gas to start a cold engine and get it running at peak efficiency. Which isn’t to say you need to sprint into a store and out lest your engine lose its heat. You can do a leisurely shop. “It takes a couple hours for your engine to cool down,” Clark says.

3. Avoid idling. In 2009, Phil Reed, the senior consumer advice editor at the car guide, found in tests that drivers who cut idling to no more than one minute can typically make their gas last 19 percent longer. “Looking for ways to reduce excessive idling is an untapped area of fuel savings, whether it’s people crawling through crowded drive-up windows or parents waiting to pick up their kids from school,” Reed says. “If you are parked safely, shut it down — and save money.”

Bonus Tips:

4. Carpool. Sure, we’ve heard this a million times, but “you could cut your transportation costs by half or more,” says Sarah Lippman, a spokesperson for the Clean Air Campaign, a Georgia nonprofit. What’s more, an environmental organization in your area might be willing to pay you not to drive alone. Clean Air, for instance, pays drivers $3 a day, up to $100 within a 90-day period, to carpool, bike, walk or take public transportation to work. Las Vegas has a program that lets you earn $5 to $50 in gift cards by logging in your carpooling time.

5. Check those gas-saving websites. Before you leave the house, check out websites that tell you what stations in your area have the cheapest gas. You can try or There’s also the MapQuest gas prices site. It shows what stations have the cheapest gas — and how to get there.

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