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3 Driving Games For Kids Or Grand Kids This Summer


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Kids Driving Games

When I was kid we took long trips with my brother and our Boxer, Ginger, to Roswell, New Mexico from Louisiana where my Dad was stationed in the Air Force. We didn’t have dvd’s or handheld electronic games, so Mom discovered some great games to help pass the time during those long trips across the plains of Texas.

I was reminded about these games from Linda Crawford of USSParenting.com, a terrific parenting blog.

So continuing with the theme of family vacations, here are 3 of my favorite games, that you can play with your kids or grand kids when they utter those words “I’m bored.”

The other benefit is the interaction with your kids and believe me they will remember those times you spent playing games with them.

1. I Spy Game. While in the car ask your child to look at billboards, road signs, license plates and buildings to find the letters of the alphabet in order. For instance, to find an ‘A’-the child might see Applebee’s and say it aloud, then move on to finding a sign or billboard with the letter B. To make it more challenging, if the child is old enough, she can write down all of the words she found.

2. True or False? Teach your child the meaning of truth and exaggeration. Say two sentences and ask her to tell which one is true. For instance: 1. We went to the grocery store to buy eggs or 2. We flew a space ship to the grocery store to buy a tiger. The older a child is, the more nuance you can make differences between the sentences.

3. Memory Master.Tell your child to stare at a picture in a catalog, a page of their favorite book, a road map, or the contents of your purse or diaper bag. After 60 seconds, your child should look away and you, as Memory Master, can quiz your child about what he or she has seen. Then you can switch and your child can be the Memory Master and quiz you. Kids really enjoy when the tables are turned.


4.Our House Memory Game. Look at your house with your child and discuss what it looks like – the colors, size, house number, etc. Then, while away from your house, ask your child questions about its characteristics. For instance, “What color is our front door?” or “Do we have a tree in our front yard?” or “Is our house on the second story or first story?” Teaching this game can enhance your child’s recollection abilities and teach new and descriptive words. You can also play this game with neighbors’ houses or relatives’ houses.

5.The Counting Game. This is my favorite one and we played on every trip. Count blue vans, or count red cars, find 10 horses, count signs, billboards, police cars. Count water towers. How many people pass you on the highway? — count them too! There are endless possibilities.

You can read at USSParenting.com, all 10 Road Trip Games to Play in the Car.

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