Friday, September 21st, 2018

An Easy Way On How To Obtain 101% In Your Life


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This video was sent to me by baby boomer Tom Martinson our contributing boomer real estate blogger.

This video will not only show you the beauty but the magic of mathematics and of there is a surprise at the end on how to achieve 101% in your life!

About the author: Boomer54 Mark is the publisher and senior editor of Baby Boomer Talk Online. He likes to be helpful to other boomers sharing useful information he gleans from the web. He attempts to go through life being positive and spreads this to the boomer world via email with inspirational quotes and videos. He is living in America’s finest city, San Diego, with his wife, The Red Headed Trip , and his two Boxer Dogs, Gabe and Luke.

Beauty O fMathematiics2 300x264 An Easy Way On How To Obtain 101% In Your Life

The Beauty, Magic and Symetry of Mathematics

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