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Boomers 3 Simple Offbeat Reasons You Might Be Depressed


baby boomers with depression 300x215 Boomers 3 Simple Offbeat Reasons You Might Be DepressedGuest post by baby boomer fitness expert Jon Benson.

I just lay in bed and stared at the ceiling.

My world was spinning out of control.

It felt as if someone pulled my Happy Plug
from the wall of Life… and the cut the ends
off the cord.

That’s how I felt when I suffered through
serious depression in my late 20s and
early 30s.

Today, thankfully, I’m totally freed from
the horrors of depression.

Most of the time.

Depression CAN be caused by chemical
imbalances in the brain that are a product
of environment and heredity.

Some, if not all of these things, are not
your fault… and that is your typical “clinical
depression” rearing it’s life-stealing, ugly
head… biting you and everyone you love
in the process.

I’m not talking about that kind of depression.

I’m talking about the form of depression that
over 10 MILLION American baby boomers alone suffer
through every day.

A “low-level” depression that has nothing
to do with needing “drugs”…

——— > Yet you need something SERIOUS.

You cannot keep going like that.

After my bout with depression, I found that
there were 3 things that affected my mood
even after the “clinical” bout was cured.

These 3 things affect most everyone, but
for some it affects you so bad you get that
low-level “blah” feeling…

Maybe you’re one of the many who can relate.

Here’s the 3 mood-killers:

1. Uninspiring goals.

When your goals are too small, your brain
starts to shut down some of its higher pro-
cessing centers. This can make some folks
feel really down… like they are not really
living to the fullest.

2. Too much sugar and carbs.

I believe in eating carbs only at specific
times of the day to avoid the “sugar blues.”
Sugar has been shown in dozens of studies
to make depression worse… and even
CAUSE low-level depression, ADHD, and
general mental fuzziness.

3. Working 60 minutes straight.

Taking just 5 minutes off every 60 minutes
can make you much more productive, relieve
stress, lower blood pressure, and even
prevent low-level depression.

There’s more:

I put together some really powerful audios to
help you through these mood-killers.

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Here’s to a happier you!

jon benson2 Boomers 3 Simple Offbeat Reasons You Might Be Depressed
Jon Benson Creator,

P.S. Depression can be serious. By all means
check with a doctor if you feel REALLY bad…

Yet, if you’re feeling a bit blah…

Uninspired perhaps?….


Unable to focus and accomplish the desires
you have for your life?…

Then go here for 4 FREEE audios to help:

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