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Boomers Burn 225% MORE Body Fat~5 Foods to Transform Your Body


carolyn transformation Boomers Burn 225% MORE Body Fat~5 Foods to Transform Your BodyYesterday, I sent you the email below (and I forgot to post it here on the web site for all my rss subscribers) about Bill Phillips’ new Transformation Solution program that celebrities like Mark Victor Hansen (Author “Chicken Soup for The Soul Series”) Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) and Brooke Burke (Dancing With The Stars) are using to burn 225% MORE fat.

Well, Bill is giving away a very special bonus to help you get even FASTER results… but it’s only available for 24 more hours (after a personal request from Baby Boomer Talk Online) Bill has granted a deadline extension to grab this book). It’s a Special Report and Audio called “5 Foods to Transform Your Body (and 5 Foods to Avoid).”

You can read more about it below, in my last email, or head over to the web site now to get it before it’s gone in a few hours.

Grab it here: 5 Foods to Transform Your Body

Below is the email I sent you yesterday.

Bill Phillips The Transformation Solution Boomers Burn 225% MORE Body Fat~5 Foods to Transform Your Body
Have you seen this all over the Internet today?

Here’s what all the buzz is about: If you’ve tried, over and over, to lose body fat but just couldn’t do it, or you gained it back after you did, then you HAVE to hear about the newly discovered roadblock that is keeping you from dropping 225% more body fat, boosting energy levels, reversing poor health and feeling great from the inside out…

===== > Your #1 Roadblock to Burning 225% More Fat

You see, Bill Phillips, the author of the #1 health and fitness book of ALL TIME, Body-for-LIFE® (over 6 million copies sold), and the legend who has over ONE MILLION before and after success photos from his ravings fans (these photos take up an entire warehouse there are so many!), just released his brand new Transformation Solution Program after more than a decade of tireless research. (And just wait until you see some of the new before and after photos and success stories at the link below…)

That’s the good news, the GREAT news is that I was personally contacted by Bill to offer this new program to my VIP Subscribers (YOU!) at a special, ½ PRICE discount… but it only lasts for 3 days… it isn’t available to the general public… Bill is donating all of his profits from this program to charities for children, so it’s for a good cause… plus you get a very special bonus when you order by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT… and I can’t recommend this program enough!

The Transformation Solution < ===== ½ Price Special

Inside the Transformation Solution Program Bill not only reveals the #1 roadblock to your success, but he also unveils the breakthrough ‘Bio-Balance Anti-Diet Solution,’ which is scientifically designed to help people quickly lose body fat who have NEVER been able to lose the weight (and keep it off) with any other program before.

What’s more, if you’re already having success with a quality nutrition program, The Transformation Solution will help take it to warp speed in a BIG way! And the unusual thing is, it doesn’t involve complicated starvation diets or extreme exercise… it’s new and different… you’ll see…

What is the Unusual Bio-Balance Anti-Diet Solution? < ===== Click Here

But it gets even BETTER…. Because you’re a VIP Subscriber to my newsletter, Bill wants to include a FREE special report and MP3 audio bonus called “5 Foods to Transform Your Body (And 5 Foods to Avoid).” But these special bonuses are ONLY available until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.


If you’ve struggled to drop body fat in the past and don’t know why, then you really owe it to yourself to discover the real roadblock that is keeping you from what you want in life and the breakthrough solution to overcome it.

I couldn’t recommend a more credible or knowledgeable coach than Bill Phillips and this new program is groundbreaking. He’s helped over ONE MILLION people transform and he will help you, too. So pick up a copy of your Transformation Solution Program today at ½ Price with the 24-hour bonus gifts before they’re gone.

To Your Transformation!

Boomer54 Mark

The Transformation Solution < ===== ½ Price Special

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