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Boomers~3 Health Tips For Beating Early Death and Disease


boomer belly fat Boomers~3 Health Tips For Beating Early Death and DiseaseGuest post by Baby Boomer Talk Online fitness, nutrition and health expert Jon Benson. Co-Author of “The 7 Minute Diet: Simple Suggestions For Weightloss”

Question: Boomers, does sitting down at work lead to early death/disease?

Answer: Yes.

Or rather, it “can”… unless you do these 3 things…

One of the most provocative studies I’ve read in ages came out
today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

I need to warn you: The headlines you will be seeing over this
study will be misleading at best; deadly at worst.

Here is one that fits the bill:

“Exercise doesn’t help serious couch potatoes”

There’s no doubt that the authors of this study did NOT have
laziness on their minds or a rejection of exercise when making
statements that lead journalists down the rabbit hole.

And, sometimes, these journalists miss the big-picture point.

Here’s the facts you need to know from this study:

Even TWO HOURS of exercise a day (wow) cannot offset sitting
down in front of the TV or computer for just 4 hours a day after
work. Hang with me… this gets better…

2. If you work sitting down, your 8 hours or so counts as being, in
all probability, just as bad… if not worse… due to the added stress.

GREAT. So NOW what are we supposed to do? Folks like me (and
probably you) who either enjoy our TV/computer time after work or
work in front of a computer all day? Quit? Give up on exercise
because “it doesn’t help”?

No. Not in a million years. And that was NOT the conclusions drawn
by this study.

Rather, this study backs up what I’ve been saying for years:

“Diet plans are FAR more important to health than exercise.”

That flies in the face of a lot of so-called ‘experts’, but the
facts are now very clear:

If you sit down 8 hours a day, exercise will not help you live

The reasons why are unclear, but several researchers who were not
directly involved with the study made some spot-on comments.

First, your body has to move frequently to reduce inflammation.
Inflammation is THE number-one cause of heart disease… and heart
disease is the number-one cause of death. Make sense?

Yet, movement need not be long and laborious. In fact,
long-duration exercise (such as the 2 hours a day cited above that
did NOTHING to help) may actually do more harm when it comes to

Studies show that long-duration exercise of an intense nature, such
as hours of biking hard, running, weight training for more than a
hour, etc. cause a significant spike in inflammatory markers.
C-reactive protein increases as well as enzymes indicating muscle
and organ damage.

So it makes perfect sense to me why even two hours of exercise a
day would not offset eight or more hours of just sitting around.

Another reason for this is the nature of blood fats called
“triglycerides”. This is something I know quite a bit about as my
“trigs” (for short) have almost always been well above normal. Only
my dietplan and a vitamin I use (upcoming) helped me lower trigs to

Without moving around during the day our trigs can become elevated
quickly. Trigs are also elevated through the consumption of excess
carbohydrate. It does not matter if these carbs come from brown
rice or sugar: Trigs respond in many people by rising from ‘any’
source of carbohydrate.

——-> So what if you DO have a desk job? What can you do?


Here are my 3 tips for beating the grim reaper if you sit down at
work… AND using exercise to benefit you in other areas. Ready?

1. Use one of the “switches” we covered in my latest book, “The 7
Minute Diet”
… it’s called the “45-Minute Rule.”
All you do is get
up every 45 minutes and walk around for 5 minutes or so. 10 minutes
is even better. You won’t notice those 5 minutes, but they add up
to 40 MINUTES of fatburning-style cardio a day. That’s right:
Walking burns bodyfat.

The 45-minute trick works because your body begins to store and
accumulate triglycerides within an hour of consuming meals and for
up to 3 hours post-consumption. So, breaking up the sitting with
simple movement tricks your body into using more of those fatty
acids for fuel rather than for storage.

The net result can be more bodyfat gone AND improved health,
despite the sitting-at-work handicap.

See another “fat burning switch” that can help you drop 8 lb in
under a minute per day… it’s SLICK.

2. Focus on your meal planning more than your exercise. Please, do
not get me wrong: Exercise is VITAL for a more shapely body,
burning off excess bodyfat and keeping healthy. What I’m suggesting
is this: If you sit for more than 8 hours per day, adjust your
carbohydrate down to about 80 grams per day. Start there. If you
need more help, go here:

Every Other Day Diet Plan <--- nice dietplan

3. If your trigs are high, talk to your doctor about using vitamin
B3, called niacin.
Niacin, ONLY in the form of nicotinic acid, is
very effective at lowering trigs, raising HDL, and even lowering
C-reactive protein levels. And it’s cheap as well.

However, NEVER take niacin (nicotinic acid) without being under a
doctor’s care as it can be very hard on the liver and cause some
nasty side-effects in some people.

The brand of niacin I use is by far the best. It’s called “NiaVasc”
by Xymogen. It’s one of the only brands of niacin that uses plain
old nicotinic acid, the only viable form of niacin for this use,
yet it is also wax-coated. This is VITAL as niacin has a nasty
“flush” effect that some find all but intolerable. The wax coating
was shown in two studies to not interfere with niacin’s benefits.

Discuss dosage with your doctor.

In conclusion, do not let this latest study on our increasingly
sedentary lifestyle and its effect on disease discourage you from
exercising. In reality, you should exercise by simply moving once
every hour as I suggest, along with intense but brief exercise 3-5
days per week for fat loss and body-shaping results.

“Decide To Live Fit!”

Jon Benson…Creator, Co-Author, “Fit Over 40″
jon benson1 Boomers~3 Health Tips For Beating Early Death and Disease
Did you know that fitness pro Jon Benson used to be “obese”? No kidding… now he’s on magazine covers. It goes to show you what you can do if you set your mind to it. Well, Jon sent me this video today (I have permission to share it with you) — it’s about the old saying, “Fat-n-Happy”… and a study that will blow you away. Very important to check this out… enjoy!

Click here to watch the 5-min video and see what you think…


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