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Dented Ego-Your Inspirational Quote Friday September 16 2011


dented ego Dented Ego Your Inspirational Quote Friday September 16 2011

“There is a dented ego in all of us. Learning to accept one another as we are with the dents we earn along the way. I like who I am today. I like me with my dents. I love my dented ego.”

~Brad Evarts

Note from Boomer54 Mark…Below is a little bit about my friend Brad and his terrific new site

So what did you do before dentedego?

I’m an ex Restaurateur/creator of five wonderful restaurants in San Diego area, still working through the withdrawals of being in the food industry for 30 years. I have been President of breconcepts and strategies while designing and developing

Most recently I just received the top concept and Development Company award from

Can you tell us what your dentedego is?

I have a better question: What isn’t my dentedego? We have popular stories and photos of Entertainment, Sports and you and me to Environment, technology, science and just a true heart and desire at this stage to help and provide for others.

My tags are “addictions”, ‘suicides” “depression.” My Groups include team dentedego beta test group; then a private group/event for the mother of my two (of three) beautiful daughters who passed from suicide, “Wendy Buell Evarts Foundation”. I am active with events, groups and fundraisers supporting NA, AA, suicide, depression, addictions,diabetes. Our site is an exciting way to help others in need through many paths and efforts.

What is dented ego?

At we felt it was time to provide a social networking website with true heart and purpose a place to get serious or just to go and hang out.

dentedego is a “Social Networking Support Site” that is a place where all people can join in conversation with others around the world about real life addictions, disorders, obsessions, compulsions and depression,other “izums” HOPE and Opportunity.

dentedego is a place that provides an online location where people can find information and form groups, events and forums to discuss, “How you are doing?” rather then, “What you are doing?”

dentedego the #1 “Social Networking Support Site” that may just be the future web-site that helps save our World.

Please click here to read more about this remarkable site “”.


2 Responses to “Dented Ego-Your Inspirational Quote Friday September 16 2011”
  1. Vilma says:

    This post is great. I learned a lot. baby boomerang is right, there is an dented ego each one of us.
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  2. Jewel says:

    This post is so informative, I’ve learn a lot while reading this. Thanks for sharing about dented ego.
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