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Discover One of the Most Unique Golf Gifts for Him


unique golf gift condo golf game Discover One of the Most Unique Golf Gifts for Him

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A Truly Unique Golf Gift for Him

Post by Boomer54 Mark

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Everyone knows wonderful men who deserve special gifts, but figuring out what to give them for Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day can reduce even the most creative person to giving a gift card.

If your favorite gift recipient is a golfer, The Condo Golf Game is a great idea that is becoming the most coveted game among all so-called unique golf gifts. Regardless of location or size of the living quarters, The Condo Golf Game could provide the perfect all-season solution to keeping his short shots tuned for the next beautiful day when he can get a tee time. Many golf gifts are limited to outside play, but The Condo Golf Game can be set up virtually anywhere.

#1 New Golf Gift

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How to Play The Condo Golf Game

Golfers of every skill level will benefit from playing The Condo Golf Game because the playing surface is specifically designed to challenge the golfer’s ability to lift the ball from the chipping mat at the correct height. Flexibility makes this game challenging for even the best golfer who wishes to shave shots off their game.

1. Assemble the frame and mount the playing surface on the frame.

2. Place the self-standing frame where the wind will not overturn the game surface.

• The Condo Golf Game can be played indoors or outdoors.

• When first learning the game, limit the number of visual distractions surrounding the playing surface. Then place the game surface in the midst of a visually confusing field where movement causes the golfer to focus on the goal.

3. Place the chipping mat on a flat surface 15-30 feet from the playing surface.

• The distance between the chipping mat and the playing surface can be adjusted to improve the chip shot in different scenarios. When the playing surface is very close, the height of the ball at the point of club impact can be measured for immediate feedback. Placing the playing surface more than 30 feet from the chipping mat will reveal how far the ball will fly with each different club.

4. Select a golf club.

• When the golfer is working to improve the chip shot, the best recommendation is to save the wedge for the pitch shot. The recommended way for a golfer to develop a great chip shot is to use the seven, eight, or nine irons. The golfer who can control the height of a chip shot will put the ball closer to the hole every time.

5. Place obstacles between the chipping mat and the playing surface.

• A child’s sandbox can be used to create a sand trap obstacle that must be avoided or conquered.
• Houseplants can serve as visual distractions and physical obstacles to create a realistically difficult path to the green.
• Another option is to order special Tree Obstacles that come in a package of two for $4.95.

6. Hit the ball at the playing surface to accumulate the fewest points possible.

• Fairway – 3 points
• Bunker – 4 points
• Green – 1 point
• Trees – 4 points

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Game Includes:

Inside the Condo Golf Game box are the following items:

• Chipping mat – The player will use the chipping mat that is made of artificial turf that is similar to the short grass on most golf gifts unique golf gifts condo golf game Discover One of the Most Unique Golf Gifts for Him

• Plastic golf balls – Four plastic golf balls with a strip of Velcro are included with the game. The balls will stick to the playing surface after being hit at the appropriate height.

• Self-standing frame – Easy-to-assemble frame that will stand without being propped against a vertical surface.

• Playing surface – Measuring approximately 24-36 inches, the playing surface has a picture of the golf green and fairway to create the visual image the golfer sees when looking down the fairway. The surface will grasp the Velcro strip on the golf ball.

• Great price – At an affordable $29.95, any creative gift-giver can afford this great game.

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Game Benefits

The Condo Golf Game is considered one of the most unique golf gifts because the flexibility of the set up allows the golfer of any skill level to realize the following benefits to their golf game.

• Gauge obstacles – The vertical playing surface enables the golfer to practice control over the visual and physical obstacles in the field of vision.

• Affect height and distance – Practice of the chip shot with various clubs is the only want to control the height and distance the ball travels.

• Lateral control – One of the most important aspects to the chip shot is being able to place the ball exactly where the golfer intends.

• Shave off strokes – Golfers who can control their chip shot will be able to place the golf ball very close to the hole every time.


For the golfer in your life, the Condo Golf Game would surpass all the previous golf gifts you have ever given him. Former golf gifts might fill his closet, but he will actually play with The Condo Golf Game, which is the perfect gift for improving his game by providing the perfect means to practice at home.

Golfers love to tinker with their swing and the feel of the ball against the club head. The Condo Golf Game grants the golfer of any skill level a way to create situations that are similar to golf course scenarios. As the chip shot is improved, shots are shaved from the score, and the game is even more enjoyable simply because the golfer received one of the most unique golf gifts on the market today.

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