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Discover The 3 Things To Remember About Not Going It Alone


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“If you want to go quickly, go alone, but if you want to go far go with others.”

-Ric Cabot CEO Darn Tough Socks (

On the verge of bankruptcy in 2003, Ric and his father Marc, had to make a change in their Vermont based sock company to survive. Their customers had fled to overseas outsourcing. They realized one thing and it was the turning point…”Nobody ever outsourced anything for quality.” Read their “comeback” story in the September issue in one of my favorite magazines “Success”.

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This is a Power 3s List.

3 Things To Remember About Not Going It Alone from Darren Hardy of Publisher of Success Magazine:

1. Friends are good for business.
“Most of us would have been very much poorer financially, but for the hosts of friends who have sent us customers and clients and business, who have always turned our way everything they could.”

2. Friends help us grow.
“Emerson says: ‘Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can. This is the service of a friend. With him we are easily great.’ ”

3. Relationships require work.
“Friendship must be cultivated. It cannot be bought; it is priceless. If you abandon your friends for a quarter of a century or more while you are buried in your pursuit of wealth, you cannot expect to come back and find them where you left them.”

Bonus: 4.To have friends, be a friend.
“If you would have friends, you must cultivate the qualities which you admire in others…. There is nothing like magnanimity and real charity, kindness, and a spirit of helpfulness, for attracting others. Your interest in people must be a real one, or you will not draw them to you.”

About Darren Hardy: As publisher and editorial director of SUCCESS magazine, Darren is in the unique position of sitting down with the leading experts on human performance and achievement, as well as many of today’s top CEOs, revolutionary entrepreneurs, superstar athletes, entertainers and Olympic champions, to uncover and share the success secrets behind their extraordinary success.

Each month in the pages of SUCCESS magazine, on his, on Twitter (@DarrenHardy), Facebook (DarrenHardyFan) and before live audiences of entrepreneurs across the country, Darren distills the best of the best information and strategies available, mixing in his own street-tested principles of success.

Darren’s passion for personal development is at the core of his business and life philosophy. He is committed to helping others achieve their potential in order to live richer, more fulfilling lives.

Darren regularly appears on national radio and TV shows for CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.

About the author: Boomer54 Mark is the publisher and senior editor of Baby Boomer Talk Online. He likes to be helpful to other boomers sharing useful information he gleans from the web. He attempts to go through life being positive and spreads this to the boomer world via email with inspirational quotes and videos. He is living in America’s finest city, San Diego, with his wife, The Red Headed Trip , and his two Boxer Dogs, Gabe and Luke.

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