Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Fat and Depression Are They Linked?


baby boomers lose stubborn body fat belly fat 300x235 Fat and Depression Are They Linked?Guest post by baby boomer fitness expert Jon Benson.

A very serious study was published a matter
of days ago in the Lancet that linked dietary fat
in a MAJOR way to clinical depression.


And… the study had many flaws that you need
to know about before you start cutting back your
dietary fat intake.

Here’s what Bill Phillips has to say on his homepage about depression and food:

The Serotonin Connection

A brain neurotransmitter called serotonin plays
a big role in bio-balance. You see, when our
bio-balance is off, serotonin levels become low,
and not only are we not happy (actually, we’re
depressed), but another one of our natural brain
chemicals called… Read More

Serotonin has long been known to be one of
the key players in fending off depression.

But this latest study suggests “comfort foods”…
specifically foods high in transfats (dangerous
fats that turn rancid at high temperatures) creates
a viscous cycle of eat/depression/comfort/eat.

That… doesn’t sound good.

Now, get this:

The transfat content in the foods the test subjects
consumed was .4%. That’s POINT 4. That is really,
really low.

Most “comfort foods” you eat have transfats in them.
They are well-documented heart disease generators.
Now they’ve been linked to clinical depression.

Yet here is where the study fails:

1. This study failed to consider the inclusion of sugar
with transfats. THAT is the real culprit and always has
been: Too much sugar. When combined with fats,
sugar is lethal.

2. The study did not consider the ratio of carbs to
protein within the foods. The foods consumed were
VERY LOW in protein and high in carbs (from sugar)
and high in fat (from unhealthy fats.)

Carbs of any variety… even “healthy” carbs… can,
in some folks, create a serious serotonin imbalance.
You must train your body to consume carbohydrates
just like you train your body to sleep and awake at
specific times.

Carbs are basically rocket fuel. Some carbs burn more
slowly and provide a subtle boost of energy; others
burn rapidly and can take you into orbit.

The solution I found that works best is to limit carbs
of any kind (except apples and green vegetables, and
I often do without the apples) to 3 days per week.

If you stagger your calories correctly, you can then
consume carbs (even sugar) without the dreaded
serotonin response and without fear of going into a
state of depression.

jon benson2 Fat and Depression Are They Linked?
Jon Benson Creator,

P.S. Those specifics call for exercise in isolated
intervals. This helps set your body up for carbohydrate
intake and limits any downside to eating them.

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