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Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas


fathers day gifts gifts for fathers day 300x300 Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

These 5 unusual and better than good Fathers day gifts ideas are a great departure from the boring mundane necktie and cologne gits.

Great gift shoppers can be completely stumped by the pressure to find unique Fathers Day gifts. For some great ideas for gifts for Father’s Day, consider one of these innovative gifts that will be appreciated and proudly displayed and used for years to come.


 Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

1. Antigravi-tee Levitating Golf Ball

The Antigravi-tee Levitating Gold Ball is a high-tech instrument that uses a micro-processor to adjust the magnetic field to keep the regulation-size golf ball suspended perfectly in mid-air over the tee. This interesting display piece uses the principle of electro-magnetic levitation to suspend the ball. Even on the most crowded desk, mantle or bookshelf, this beautiful piece measures just 7 inches x 7.5 inches x 2.4 inches.

For the golfer in your life, choose one of the most intriguing gifts for Fathers Day available this year. The AntiGravi-Tee Levitating Golf Ball will draw the attention of anyone who visits your home or office where this unique art piece will create interest and start conversations.



condo golf game 150x150 Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

condo golf game

2. Condo Golf Game

CondoGolf comes with a free-standing frame, the playing surface, and four plastic golf balls that can be used indoors or outdoors. The set up of the game can be varied to add difficulty by moving the chipping pad and the playing surface further apart. Golfers of every skill level can keep their short golf shots tuned up for the next beautiful day when a tee time comes available. The game can be played alone or with others to challenge the skill of each person to place the ball where intended for the lowest possible score. Larger areas on the board result in higher point values so the players will focus on the best places to hit the golf ball on the golf course.

Unique Fathers Day gifts get more difficult to find over time because the closet fills up with items that are never used. CondoGolf has to be one of the most useful golf games ever invented because the game is adjustable to the skill level of the golfer. Many golfers state the vast improvement in their chip shots from consistent use of CondoGolf.

Click here to purchase the Condo Golf Indoor / Outdoor Chipping Golf Training Aid & Game with Chipping Mat + Balls $30.00

Both of the above golf gifts make great Fathers day golf gifts.


 Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Flash 16GB Ruby Multi-Tool

For the gadget lover, the Swissflash Multi-tool is the perfect combination of useful tools and computer gadget. The Swissflash has a retractable ballpoint pen, an LED white mini-light, key ring, scissors, nail file with a screwdriver tip, knife blade, and a powerful USB 2 memory stick. At an overall length of 2.25 inches, this innovative tool is one of the most unique Fathers Day gifts available today.

Computer users with multiple work locations will love this gadget since the gift recipient can use every component of this useful multi-tool for any number of tasks. Whether the need is for sharing digital photos, music and text files or transporting a presentation, the Swissflash is the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

Click Here to Purchase Victorinox Swissflash 16GB Ruby Multi-Tool $114.95 Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas


 Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

4.ACM Wallet

Unique metal case surrounds the credit cards that are most used. As each button is slid forward, the correct card is presented to the wallet owner for easy use. A set of 18 unique button labels allows each person to customize the buttons on the wallet. The wallet holds six cards and protects them from damage and demagnetization. A money clip is on the outside of the wallet. A faux leather sleeve is included to protect the wallet from scratches.

Many owners of the ACM wallet like the slim design of the wallet that allows them to carry the wallet in their front pocket. Ease of use is the number one reason that they will switch from their favorite leather wallet to this innovative wallet. For the man who has everything, this wallet will provide quick access to the most important credit cards while organizing paper money for close control.

Click here to purchase the Hybrid ACM Credit Card Wallet $39.99


 Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

5. Powermat Three Position Mat for Wireless Device

After purchasing the latest electronic gadgets, including cell phones, ipods, and hand-held games, the Powermat Three Position mat would be one of the most helpful gifts for Fathers Day this year. The mat allows any three devices to be completely charged without having to use the cords that come with each device. Instead of using every available outlet to charge each device individually, the Powermat can provide the necessary power for each device for a complete charge.

Many owners of the Powermat state the advantage of being able to use the Powermat to charge every cell phone in the house without having to find the correct charger. When new gadgets are purchased, the Powermat is still compatible and does not require additional upgrades.

Click here to purchase the
Powermat Three Position Mat for Wireless Device $70.25


 Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas Five Unique Unusal Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

Bonus Gift Idea: Amazon Kindle

I love my Amazon Kindle, so I am including it as an all around gift for your man.

Avid readers love the Kindle Wireless reading device because of the high-contrast screen that allows them to read books, newspapers, and many other electronic documents that are downloaded from anywhere a Wi-Fi connection is available. Long battery life and extensive storage make this the ultimate reader. The sleek design is easy to carry anywhere, and the durable constructions prevents bumps and dings from affecting the function.

One of the key reasons for purchasing a Kindle is the ease of accessing large quantities of reading material from multiple online sources. Paper prices have made many books unaffordable, but the Kindle versions of books are affordable and downloadable from anywhere. The best advantage to owning a Kindle is the ability to read absolutely anywhere.

Click here to purchase the Kindle, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6″ Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology $139

All of the above gifts ideas make more than just good fathers day gifts and will even make last minute fathers day gifts easy to purchase.

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