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Life Is A Garden-Your Inspirational Quote September 25 2011


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Life’s a Garden

Here’s some simple, yet very true, wisdom about life, using a garden analogy. Thanks to GodVine.com for sharing.

Also, please watch the video at the bottom featuring “That’s Life” By Frank Sinatra

Plant three rows of peas:

-Peas of mind
-Peas of heart
-Peas of soul.

Plant four rows of squash:

-Squash gossip
-Squash indifference
-Squash grumbling
-Squash selfishness.

Plant four rows of lettuce:

-Lettuce be faithful
-Lettuce be kind
-Lettuce be happy
-Lettuce really love one another.

No garden should be without turnips:

-Turnip for service when needed
-Turnip to help one another
-Turnip the music and dance.

Water freely with patience and Cultivate with love.
Your garden is abundant, because you reap what you sow.

To conclude our garden we must have thyme:

-Thyme for fun
-Thyme for rest
-Thyme for ourselves.

Pretty nice garden, don’t you think? =)

About the author: Boomer54 Mark is the publisher and senior editor of Baby Boomer Talk Online. He likes to be helpful to other boomers sharing useful information he gleans from the web. He attempts to go through life being positive and spreads this to the boomer world via email with inspirational quotes and videos. He is living in America’s finest city, San Diego, with his wife, The Red Headed Trip , and his two Boxer Dogs, Gabe and Luke.

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