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Magic Word ‘Instead’~Your Inspirational Quote Tuesday August 9 2011


magic 300x300 Magic Word ‘Instead’~Your Inspirational Quote Tuesday August 9 2011
“When you’re feeling stuck, it’s very easy to get caught up in problem focused thinking. The problem seems so overwhelming that it takes over your whole mental space, leaving precious little room for maneuvering.

There’s also a well established school of thought that says that in order to solve a problem, you need to understand it thoroughly – where it came from, what caused it, what it means etc.

I don’t subscribe to this school of thought, because I’ve seen so many instances where dwelling on the problem only makes it worse. It’s surprising how effective it can be to STOP thinking about the problem and START thinking about options and potential solutions.

This is where the magic word ‘instead’ comes into its own.

I’ve used this word so often in coaching sessions, I almost expected to wear it out – yet it never seems to lose its effectiveness, as a way of getting clients to think about what they want as an alternative to the problem they face.

So next time you’re faced with a big hairy problem that stretches from horizon to horizon, and blocks out all the light, ask yourself:

What do I want instead of this?

What do I want to be doing instead?

What do I want to be thinking instead?

How do I want to be feeling instead?

What do I want to be saying instead?

Where do I want to be going instead?

And when you get some specific, concrete answers – start doing and thinking and feeling those things right now. You may be surprised at the results.”

About the Author: Mark McGuinness is a creative coach with over 15 years’ experience of mark mcguinness1 150x150 Magic Word ‘Instead’~Your Inspirational Quote Tuesday August 9 2011helping people get unstuck and back into the creative zone. For more tips on creativity, productivity and succeeding against the odds, sign up for free updates from Lateral Action.

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