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Out of Town Business Blues~Tips For Long Distance Relationships


out of town 300x153 Out of Town Business Blues~Tips For Long Distance Relationships
Guest post by baby boomer and relationship expert Michael Webb

One of my wife’s friends was boasting a while back that her husband
had been out of town for a week and a half and he had already
called twice! He called her on two different occasions during the
ten days he had been away. In other words, he called every five
days. Imagine how excited she would have been if he had called
every day or every other day!

How many minutes does it take to make a
phone call each day to let the one you love know that you are
thinking of them while you are out of town? And how much does it
cost to send a card? If you can call in to the office every day to
check in or see if you have any messages, shouldn’t you be able to
call home every night?

Besides making phone calls, another way to let your sweetheart know
that you were thinking of them while away on business is to bring
home some gifts. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. In fact,
you don’t have to spend any money. Bring home a toiletry item from
the hotel, a matchbook from a restaurant, a brochure about the city
you visited or other souvenirs from the trip. Then when your wife
asks you to tell her about the trip (and she certainly will), you
can give her the items, explaining where you went and what you did.
The fact that you took the time to collect these seemingly
insignificant items will mean more to her than you could imagine.

Also, if you know in advance that you will be going away on a
business trip without your mate, you can plan on having greeting
cards arrive home several of the days you are gone. You will need
to gauge ahead of time how long it takes for mail to arrive to your
house from different locations and plan accordingly. You may want
to mail some from near your home, some from work and perhaps some
from your business trip. Typically, a letter can go anywhere in the
states within four days and postcards a couple of days longer. Even
if a letter or card arrives after you have returned, your beloved
will still be suitably impressed.

So boomer men make the effort, you will be re-paid 10 times over.

W H O I S M I C H A E L W E B B ?

michael webb 150x130 Out of Town Business Blues~Tips For Long Distance Relationships

Michael Webb

Michael Webb is the worlds best known love/romance expert. He has
written over a dozen books on relationships and has appeared
on over 500 TV and radio shows. He is founder of the extremely
popular… Creative Date Ideas Site — and husband to Athena for over 20

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