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Top Boomer Bloggers Weigh In On 2011 Oscar Best Picture Race


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I decided it would be fun to poll some of the top baby boomer bloggers and see what they thought would win the Oscars this weekend at the 2011 Academy Awards.

I blogged last month on my Top 3 Movies For 2010 and two of my movie picks, “The King’s Speech” and “The Fighter”, were nominated.

Thanks to all the boomers that were very gracious in sending me their picks. So below are what the top baby boomer bloggers liked this year with their comments.

Which movies were your favorite?

Watch the trailers for each of the 2011 Best Picture Nominees.

From Phil McMillian Baby Boomer Baloney and Baby Boomers…Laugh and Learn (membership site) Kathy and I liked “True Grit” and “The King’s Speech”. We also liked the “Fighter” but not as much as the other two. We thought the best movie this year was “The King’s Speech”. We thought it was a very uplifting, inspiring film with great acting.

We also enjoyed two other movies that were not nominated for awards: “Secretariat” and “Unstoppable”

From Terry Hamburg My choices: Black Swan, Inception, The King’s Speech, True Grit. Four very different movies.

From Tom Martinson I only saw one of these movies … The Social Network. So, that would be my choice for a Best Picture Oscar

From Jim Crawford and Linda Crawford of

Linda’s Choices:1.The Chronicles of Narnia- The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 2. The King’s Speech 3. Secretariat 4. Toy Story 5.Letters to Juliet

Jim’s Choices:1.True Grit 2.Secretariat 3.Letters to Juliet 4.The King’s Speech 5.Inception

From Jan Bolick· Her favorites in order: 1.The King’s Speech 2.The Social Network 3.True Grit 4.Black Swan 5.The Fighter

From Joe Hauckes 1. The Kings Speech 2. The social Network 3. Inception 4. 127 Hours 5. True Grit (although I liked the original better)

From Greg Dobbs Social Network was the best.Not because it was an epic production, but because it wasn’t. It was basically all talking heads, yet it was compelling (and really well directed) because unlike most stories on the big screen, we already knew the outcome of this one when it started. And,because the guy who played Mark Zuckerberg nailed the role as the smartest guy in every room and he knows it!

King’s Speech comes next on my list. Mainly because of the excellent acting of both Firth and Rush, and because of the unlikely bond that formed between them. And of course for us boomers, it revealed the background to a set of characters about we’ve always heard, but never really knew much about.

Finally, I’d go with Winter’s Bone. Main reason? She was such a strong, unflinchable character in an environment where most people would flinch!

From Martin Diano
Boomer Authority: 1. True Grit 2. The Social Network
3. The King’s Speech

From Rita R. Robison The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide: The King’s Speech and The Social Network are my favorites, despite their lack of historical accuracy.

Black Swan was terrible, too dark. Winter’s Bone was awful, as was 127 hours. Toy Story 3, too violent and dark for kids. The Fighter and True Grit were average. The Kids Are All Right was troubling; Hollywood’s ideas about lesbian families or just a way to make money?

I’ll be watching Inception and The Town today, but I’m not hopeful.

I think movies are such a great mode of entertainment and so important to popular culture. However, the movie industry wastes its potential by continually producing more and more violent films. It’s such a waste.

From BZ Riger Shift to Thriving: The King’s Speech

From Suzanne I enjoyed Inception and The Social Network a lot. I’ve heard The King’s Speech is excellent and have it wait listed on Netflix.(The Fighter also, come to think of it!)

Cynthia Ross Cravit From The King’s Speech Inception Black Swan Toy Story 3 How to Train Your Dragon

From Jane Gassner Number One best of show is The Social Network, but then Aaron Sorkin can write the phone book and I’d be impressed. The King’s Speech, second–Colin Firth can do no wrong.

As a piece of filmmaking, The Kids Are Alright was excellent, but my god, they make lesbian relationships seem incredibly dreary.

From Mike Kirkeberg My favorites have been True Grit, Inception, Kids are Alright. Favorite of all I’ve seen this year – Social Network.

From Lisa C. Johnson aka “Anali” Anali’s First Amendment: Well, there were so many movies that I wanted to see, but just never got around to actually seeing. I saw The Social Network and really liked it.

I also saw Sex and the City 2, and Eat Pray Love. I don’t think there was any Oscar love for these two, but I really enjoyed them.

I tend to rent DVDs more than actually going to the movies. At some point, I definitely want to see Inception, The King’s Speech, and 127 Hours. Possibly also Black Swan, The Tourist, and Salt.

Seems like the consensus is that it is a 2 horse race with “The King’s Speech” and “The Social Network.”

So who will you be pulling for on Sunday night?

About the author: Boomer54 Mark is the publisher and senior editor of Baby Boomer Talk Online. He likes to be helpful to other boomers sharing useful information he gleans from the web. He attempts to go through life being positive and spreads this to the boomer world via email with inspirational quotes and videos. He is living in America’s finest city, San Diego, with his wife, The Red Headed Trip , and his two Boxer Dogs, Gabe and Luke.

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    Great post Mark! Thanks for including me in the mix! ; )
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    Interesting idea for a post.

    Thanks for including my comments.

    Rita blogging at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide
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