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Your Easter 2011 Inspirational Quote Sunday April 24 2011


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Jesus Is The Light and Resurrection

From Brian K. Dodd on Leadership:

“I’m a guy. I love action movies. Here’s what all these movies have in common:

* The hero faces a formidable opponent.
* The hero cares about and is rescuing someone in distress.
* The hero has to overcome tremendous odds.
* The hero is victorious in the end.

When I look at Jesus Christ, you have to admit he is the greatest hero of all-time!!! Let’s look at the facts:

1. Jesus faced a formidable opponent. Satan thrust every sin ever committed and every form of evil on Jesus.

2. Jesus cares about and rescued everyone in distress. Romans 3:23 says “We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory God.” Even the best of us is hopelessly lost and headed for a Christ-less eternity.

3. Jesus overcame tremendous odds. When Jesus died He conquered numerous things. Here are just a few – He conquered Satan. He conquered death. He conquered hopelessness. He conquered shame. He conquered pride. He conquered fear. I could go on and on but I will include one more – Jesus Christ conquered hell. It could not hold him because He was perfect and sinless.

4. Jesus was victorious. After conquering death and hell, Jesus literally stood up and walked out of his tomb. Unbelievable!!!

Here is the One Huge Easter Leadership Lesson – We are all flawed.

We know this which is why we are always trying to get better. None of us are perfect. We all come up short from time to time. However, there will come a day when we stand before a flawless God. We need someone to fill the gap. That’s what Jesus rising from the tomb did.

The resurrection of Jesus gives me confidence and assurance that He can fill every leadership (or any other) gap we will ever have.”

Thanks to Brian Dodd for those incredible uplifting words this Easter.

Thanks for being a loyal reader.

Have a wonderful Easter.

Boomer 54 Mark

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