Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Your Inspirational Quote Sunday March 6 2011


“Jesus said the things we worry most about are the things we are most devoted to.”

~Pastor Andy Stanley

Baby Boomer Featured Video:

Why Worry? By Pastor Andy Stanley

Baby Boomer Celebrity Birthdays:

1963 (48) D.L. Hughley Black comedian first host of “BET’s Comic View”

1959 (52) Tom Arnold Actor Once married to Rosanne Barr

1946 (65) David Gilmore Lead guitarist for Pink Floyd

1945 (66) Rob Reiner Archie Bunker’s “meathead” became a great director

In the category of I can’t believe they are that old:

1936 (75) Marion Barry Former Mayor of Washington D.C. arrested for cocaine posession

1926 (85) Alan Greenspan Former Federal Reserve Chairman

1972 (39) Shaquille O’Neal NBA Center formerly with the L.A. Lakers

Always Positive,

Boomer54 Mark

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