Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Your Inspirational Quote Thursday February 17 2011


Make Big Plans…that’s the best way to make big things happen.

Write down your plans. Share them with trusted colleagues. Seek out team members and accomplices.

Shun the non-believers. They won’t be easily convinced, but they can be ignored.

Is there any doubt that making big plans increases the chances that something great will happen?

Is there any doubt that we need your art and your contribution?
Why then, are you hesitating to make big plans?

~Seth Godin

Baby Boomer Featured Blog Post:

Hey Boomers, how is that diet, fitness and weight loss resolution going?? Here is a post to help you stay on track with the exercise portion of that resolution.

Click here to view 5 Simple Ways To Ensure You Exercise Daily.

Baby Boomer Celebrity Birthdays:

1963 (48) Larry The Cable Guy “Blue Collar” comedian favorite phrase “Git-R-Done”

1963 (48) Michael Jordan NBA Star with the Chicago Bulls

1954 (57) Rene Russo Model Actress in “Lethal Weapon” and “Ransom” with Mel Gibson

In the category of I can’t believe he is that old:

1936 (75) Jim Brown NFL Hall of Fame fullback with the Cleveland Brown

Always positive,

Boomer54 Mark

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