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Your Inspirational Quote Wednesday February 16 2011


In honor of black history month…

“Chasing the life you want by accumulating more stuff is a dead-end street. This I know: More things don’t make you feel more alive. Yet feeling more alive is part of fulfulling your true self. It’s the reason we’re all here.

Enough already with the stuff that doesn’t enhance who you really are.”

~Oprah Winfrey

Organizational expert Peter Walsh says in his book Enough Already!: Clearing Mental Clutter to Become the Best You Your Inspirational Quote Wednesday February 16 2011that our homes are “overwhelmed with stuff and (our) lives littered with empty promises that stuff didn’t fulfill…In buying what we want, we hope to acquire the life we desire.

Note from Boomer54 Mark: Is it time for a big ol’ garage sale this spring? Is it time to get rid of STUFF that does not have meaning to you or enhance your well being?

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Baby Boomer Celebrity Birthdays:

1959 (52) John McEnroe Hot tempered tennis star, once married to Tatum O’Neal

1958 (53) Ice-T Rapper/actor in Law & Order SVU

1957 (54) LaVar Burton Actor “Roots” and TV series “Star Trek:The Next Generation”

Always positive,

Boomer54 Mark

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