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11 Ways To Slash Your Gasoline Bill


gas prices 11 Ways To Slash Your Gasoline Bill

Gas prices are on track to break all previous price records in 2012. The impact on small businesses and individuals will be significant because of the many transportation needs that arise each and everyday. Certain actions can be taken to reduce unnecessary costs to trim wasteful spending from the monthly expenses. Creative planning will reduce the cost at the pump and make every gallon of gasoline last longer.

1. Compare prices –
Gas prices are lower away from major thoroughfares. All drivers must choose stations that offer lower prices. A few cents per gallon will add up over the course of a month.

2. Website shopping – Online comparison websites are useful prior to selecting the lowest gas prices in the area. Changes in the gas price will happen at any time so frequent checks are necessary. Find gas stations that are en route to destinations away from busy intersections.

3. Seek out every possibility – Any store that offers a lower price on gasoline should be considered, including Costco and Sam’s. Grocery stores offer discounts for those with member cards.

4. Use delivery services – Vehicle ownership has many costs in addition to gasoline prices. Business expenses can be reduced by using the delivery services that might be underutilized by carriers. Return trips and empty capacity can be purchased from some firms.

5. Plan routes – Multiple stops can be planned to eliminate left turns, which require idling. Another approach is to encourage drivers to turn off the engine at stoplights. High-performance vehicles require less gasoline to start than to idle. UPS cut their corporate gas consumption by 30 percent the first year of their “no idling” policy.

6. Reduce driving speeds – Drivers must travel below the speed limit to reduce gas consumption. Studies have been conducted to prove the fact that lower speeds raise gas mileage per gallon. Some companies reward drivers who improve gas mileage.

7. Shorten distances – Errands should be completed by stopping at the closest locations to reduce the number of miles driven each day. Favorite stores might fall lower on the priority list until the gasoline prices are lowered.

8. Complete work on site – Whenever possible, work should be completed at the customer’s site instead of returning to the company location or work from home 1 day a week.

9. Change schedules – Four ten-hour days might be effective in reducing the overhead expenses for a business. Employees appreciate this option, and businesses are finding some relief.

10. Use online training – Employees who need training for their duties might be able to complete good training courses without having to leave the office. Internet-based courses are available for many different industries and skills.

11. Conduct vehicle maintenance – Oil changes and proper tire pressure play a part in the gas mileage vehicles can provide.

Business owners should conduct some discussions with employees and you should have discussions with your family to find innovative solutions. Open discussions might yield some creative approaches to lowering the cost of gasoline.

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