Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Tweet Has the big 5-0 birthday hit you yet? Maybe the 6-0? You may be wondering what you can do about life insurance at this time in your life. Those who are over 50 will have different concerns about life insurance than younger individuals. Please…Read on to pick up some important facts about life insurance [...]

Tweet Guest Post by Andy C. senior fitness and health expert. As you get older, the need for a healthy diet increases if you want to remain immune to diseases and stay balanced emotionally and physically. A healthy diet should include eating vegetables and fruits in abundance along with starchy and fiber food items. Milk [...]

Tweet Guest post by Claire Bradshaw After a lifetime of raising children and being independent, it can be very important for elderly parents to continue to live in their own home. Unfortunately, the house that was safe for decades can suddenly have hidden pitfalls for an aging resident. Baby boomers caring for their elderly parents [...]

Tweet Like most people in America, 71% of the 114 million TV homes per Nielson, I watched Super Bowl XLVII. Really enjoyed the game and of course the commercials. So I wanted to share the site where all the Super Bowl commercials are in one place, so you may watch your favorites again. First here [...]

Tweet Happy New Year! I just read this from Darren Hardy of Success Magazine and it really resonated with me. 3 Steps to Live Your Best Year Ever in 2013 1. Decide what 3 things would have to happen for 2013 to be your best year ever. 2. Identify 3 behaviors to implement these 3 [...]

Talking about cancer is never easy…Please click on the title to read more…

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